Goat Milking Equipment

Commercial, hobby and home dairy equipment. Whether you milk 2, 7, 70, or 700 goats, Hamby Dairy Supply has milking machines and supplies for your operation. We offer the largest selection of goat bucket milking equipment in North America and stock spare parts for most brands. Guaranteed best prices on bucket milking systems. Professional installation service available for pipeline milking systems. The Orange text below are subcategories in our Goat Milking section. Portable Milk Dump station.   For remote pumping of bucket milkers back to bulk tank.  Dump buckets where you milk into the receiver can and milk is pumped back to the bulk cooling tank

Uses/benefits of Goat Milking Equipment:

Easy to use
High quality and Inexpensive
Exquisite Workmanship
Durable in use
Well Made
Enjoy Great Popularity Among the People
Save your Money
Best Choice and best discounts
Customer Care is Our Top Priority
Offer is Subject to Availability
Big SaleEasy to use

Features of Goat Milking Equipment:

  • Pulsation System: To prevent damage or pain to the teats that would be caused by the continuous vacuum. Pulsation system makes the liners collapse on and below the teats about once each second massaging the teat and maintaining normal blood flow
  • Time & Labor-Saving: Pulsation cycle is 40 times per minute, using a milking machine saves about one-half the labor and time. No need to tolerate sweated in summer or hand stiffed in winter
  • Health & Safety: Each part of the milking machine was selected the high standard materials, food-grade Silicone Hose, Teat cup liner and HDPE Milk Container, Healthy and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless
  • Easy-Use & Clean: Professional design makes it easy to install and operate. Installation takes less than 1 min, easy to use with the least technical experience, anyone can use. Come with the handy cleaning brush to clean the hose and teat cup
  • Professional & Durable: This is our newest patent product, our vacuum pump is allowed to constantly working 24 hours. by using the pure copper line in the motor, which will make it have a longer service life. through technological innovation, we successfully combined intelligent chips into the pulsation vacuum pump, and all fit into a small box


POWER SUPPLYInput Voltage: 110V-240V / Output Voltage: 12V / Output Current: 2A
POWER CORDUS 2-pin plug / Length:1m / Equipped with a power indicator light
VACUUM PUMPMotor Power: 38W / Hydraulic Head: 3m / Motor Wire: Copper / Flow Rate: 0.45 (m3/h)
Milk PailStainless Steel Bucket Size: L*W*H: 6.9×6.9×7″
MILK CLUSTERGoats: Teat cup liner diameter 20mm, Height: 6.5 in / Cows: Teat cup liner diameter 24mm, Height: 9.8 in
SILICON HOSEInner diameter: 5mm / Hose Length: 51.2in / SGS FDA Test Report

Prices of Goat Milking Equipment:

$174.72 – $1,969.00

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