Fly Tying Accessories

Fly Tying Accessories Packaged in a heavy duty travel case and featuring the Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner, D-Loop Tweezers, Ergo Dubbing Brush, Zippy Hair Stacker (M) and a Vise Pawn, this is kit for anyone looking to beef up their arsenal of fly tying tools. Features: Durable plastic travel case, Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner, D-Loop Tweezers, Ergo Dubbing Brush, Zippy Hair Stacker (M), Vise Pawn.

Uses/benefits of Fly Tying Accessories:

  1. This is 1 pack of tungsten beads, can sink fast and deeply.
  2. Environmental tungsten material, safe, no harm to human.
  3. Slotted opening excellent for a great variety of fly hooks including jig hooks.
  4. The color is colorful, bright and no fade. Beautiful and practical.
  5. Great fishing accessories for all fishing lovers.

Features of Fly Tying Accessories:

  • Aventik classic wood Fly Tying Tool Caddy, designed by fly tying Specialist, organize in better order of your tools such as scissor, bobbin, whip finisher, glue, hackle pliers, threader and other tinny accessories such as hooks and beads.
  • Professional design great improvement in the working bench. Save time from searching around your tools, and more time for tying. Also light weight and easy for travelling. 3pc a set.
  • Component A. 9.2 inches x 5.2 inches x 1 inches (23*13*2.5cm). There is a total of 32 openings to store your tools. Extra three large openings for glue bottles.
  • Component B. 9.2 inches x 3.4 inches x 0.8 inches (23*8.5*2cm). There is 6 large opennings for hooks & beads, and extra 4 small openings for tools or thread spool bars.
  • Component C. 9.2 inches x 1.8 inches x 0.8 inches (23*4.5*2cm). There is 4 large opnenings for hooks & beads, and 5 small openning for tools or thread spool bars.
  • HOLDS ALL OF YOUR FLY TYING TOOLS: With 33 openings you can store all of your fly fishing fly tying tools from your bobbin to your hackle pliers to your finished flies and everything in between.
  • BEAUTIFY YOUR FLY TYING DESK: Don’t sacrifice your fly tying space with a cheap foam tool holder. Creative Anglers beautiful bamboo wood design not only will make your fly tying station look awesome you will get years of use and enjoyment out of it.
  • KEEP YOURSELF ORGANIZED: You hate it when you can’t find the tools you need, nothing is more frustrating. The Creative Angler tool organizer keeps all of your tools where they need to be on your fly tying desk and within easy reach. Keep yourself organized with the Creative Angler wooden fly tying tool station.
  • EASY TO MOVE AROUND: Creative Angler’s tool tray is lightweight and easy to move around your desk or even to take with you if you prefer. Keep all of your tools wherever you need them when you need them.


The Knot Tyer is praised by fishing experts for it’s simplicity and for the strength of it’s knots.
* It can be used to tie a number of different varieties of the “nail” knot. Unlike other knots that have only one turn holding their ends, the “nail” knot cannot become untied because the tag end of the line is secured by all turns of the knot.
* The NAIL KNOT is the most affective way to tie any size monofilament to your line. It is a smooth and secure knot that easily passes in and out of the rod guides. With this knot, the harder you pull the better it “GRIPS” and holds.
* Magnum Knot Tyer: Large Game Fish w/heavy poundage and or diameter.

Prices of Fly Tying Accessories:

$19.59 – $55.99

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