The Fluval Flex Aquarium Air Pump is a powerful, silent, and low-maintenance air pump that delivers over 300 liters per hour (LPH) of oxygen. It works with Fluval Spec III and Spec V aquariums, but also fits into any standard rimmed aquarium that has a 3/8″ hose inlet.

The pump has three operating modes: constant, night and turbo. The constant mode provides a continuous flow of air at the speed set on the control knob, while the turbo model delivers up to three times more air than the constant setting. The turbo setting is great for quickly bringing fish into your tank from a bag or bucket. Four suction cups are included to help mount the pump onto your tank’s glass or acrylic.

Description Of Fluval Flex Ausströmer

The Fluval Flex Aquarium with LED is a step up from your standard goldfish bowl. The sleek design makes it easy to integrate the tank into any room’s decor. It also comes with several helpful features that make owning a freshwater aquarium maintenance-free. The kit includes the Multi-Stage Filter Cartridge, which only needs to be changed every three months in order to keep your fish healthy and happy. For those who have never owned a fish before, the Flex Aquarium is perfect because of its easy setup and maintenance schedule. There are also several other kits available offering more advanced features such as customizable lighting and pumps for more active species of fish.

Types Of Fluval Flex Ausströmer

When it comes to the Fluval Flex Ausströmer, there are five main types:

  • The Fluid Master King (FMK) is a fully-featured, all-in-one aquarium kit. It combines the most advanced Fluval technology with striking contemporary styling to create a sleek and seamless aquatic environment.

Specification Of Fluval Flex Ausströmer

Fluval Flex Ausströmer

Product Specifications


Fluval (Aqua)

Product Code


Model Number


Product Model Name / Description: Fluval Flex Ausströmer

Maintenance Of Fluval Flex Ausströmer

  • You can do this by disconnecting the flexible tubing from the powerhead, and then disconnecting the powerhead from the bracket.
  • You can also clean the aquarium glass walls with a sponge if necessary.
  • To remove dirt and debris inside the filter chamber, you can use your fingers or a sponge; if necessary, rinse it with tap water. It is recommended to carry out such maintenance every two weeks.

Price Of Fluval Flex Ausströmer

The price ranges from $50-$500

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