The Fluval Flex 5 is a stylish and functional aquarium for your home. It comes with a built-in filtration system, so it can be used with or without an additional filter. The tank has a capacity of up to five gallons, which means it’s perfect for small fish like betta fish or neon tetras.

The Fluval Flex 5 is made from sturdy glass that won’t break under pressure or heat changes. The filter system is easy to maintain and clean—just rinse out the inner workings with warm water once a week! And the clear cover lets you keep an eye on your pets as they swim around in their new home.

Description Of Aquarium Fluval Flex 123

The Fluval Flex has a unique, curved front which gives it an eye-catching look. The lid of the aquarium is hinged at the back and can be opened wide to access the entire aquarium. A unique light enables you to create three different lighting effects (bright white, shimmering blue, or moonlight). The tank measures just 12 gallons.

Types Of Aquarium Fluval Flex 123

Fluval Flex 5 is a freshwater aquarium that features a giant, clear acrylic plexiglass tank with glass sides. The tank itself is bright white but supports vibrant colors through blue and purple LED lights. It’s designed to look like a marine reef setup, complete with LED corals and arches. You can even create your own backdrop or use a photo or video you’ve taken of your favorite reef to rest on the various corals you’ve decided to build.

The entire setup is made easy with Fluval Flex 5’s branched outlet hoses and four adjustable flow valves that allow for water movement in any direction or level of flow—which helps ensure effective water circulation and the proper amount of carbon dioxide production so your corals will thrive.

Although this aquarium comes equipped with two optional hoods, we don’t recommend using them because they may cause issues when setting up lighting and plumbing properly. We also don’t recommend using the hoods if you’re planning to place Fluval Flex 5 in a room without windows since they’ll block out some light from entering your aquarium from outside rooms, potentially affecting fish health.

Specification Of Aquarium Fluval Flex 123

The Fluval Flex is a freshwater tank that comes in three different volumes: 9, 15, and 57 gallons. Each size features multistage filtration, with a filter pump capacity of 100 gph for the smallest size; 220 gph for the medium; and 396 gph for the largest. These tanks also have activated carbon in the filter cartridge to remove impurities from your aquarium’s water. The compact, space-saving design makes it easy to place these tanks on almost any horizontal surface around your home or office. In addition to its unique appearance and advanced filtration systems, this aquarium has an innovative curved front glass pane that provides expansive views of your fish as they swim around their new homes.

As always with Fluval’s products, this one has everything you need to get started right away: an LED light fixture (adjustable brightness), a clip-on filter with media cartridges (carbon-based sponge), an air pump (for aeration)

Maintenance Of Aquarium Fluval Flex 123

  • Maintenance: You should clean the tank and change the water. Tank cleaning can be easily done by removing all plants, decorations, gravel, and fish before cleaning the inside walls of the tank using a clean cloth. After this, transfer the fish to another container while you refill the tank with dechlorinated warm water. Your gravel should also be cleaned to remove algae and other debris by gently rubbing it using a clean scrubbing pad or sponge. When you are done cleaning up your aquarium, place back your plants and decorations then fill it with water to almost full level before adding back your fish.

You will notice a build-up of algae on decoration, rocks, and glass which is removed by scraping off with a scraper or sponge. Maintaining the filter is simple as you just need to rinse and replace old filter media each time you perform a water change in your tank. The filters should be rinsed once every 2 weeks in aquarium water from a separate bucket or container to avoid exposing beneficial bacteria living in them to chlorine found in tap water that can kill them . You may also need to replace some parts of your filters like sponges, tubes, etc when they wear out or become clogged with dirt after several months of use depending on how often you do maintenance for your tanks

Price Of Aquarium Fluval Flex 123

  • Price: $179.99
  • Price per gallon: $36
  • Shipping & Handling Included!
  • Tax will be charged in the following states: CA, FL, TX, NY, and NJ.

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