The Fluval Flex 34lt is a versatile aquarium that can be used for freshwater or saltwater tanks. The Fluval Flex 34lt comes in two different sizes: the smaller version, which holds up to 29 gallons (110 liters), and the larger version which holds up to 37 gallons (133 liters). Both versions feature a curved front glass panel that gives you an unobstructed view of your aquatic life.

The Fluval Flex 34lt is made with a high-quality acrylic construction that ensures it’s durable enough to last for years to come—no matter how much you love your fish! The curved front panel provides extra protection against fish jumping out of their tank or other accidents that can happen when cleaning or feeding your aquatic pets.

Description Of Fluval Flex 34lt

The Fluval Flex is a great aquarium. It is a solid glass tank and comes with a powerful filter. It also has a LED light that has a choice of either blue or white light.

The LED lights are adjustable so you can change the color of the light to suit your personal preference, as well as the time of day in your home (e.g., bright sunlight vs dimmed nightlight).

Types Of Fluval Flex 34lt

Fluval Flex 34lt is a great aquarium and has a great design. This aquarium comes in three different types: black, white and stainless steel. Fluval Flex 34lt also comes in two different sizes: 34L and 26L. There is one LED light for each type of Fluval Flex 34lt.

Specification Of Fluval Flex 34lt

The Fluval Flex 34lt (formerly known as the Fluval Spec V) has a tank size of 300 litres and is suitable for cold water or tropical fish. It comes with a powerful filter that has adjustable flow control, which you can use to set the strength of the current in your aquarium. The filter’s cleaning system automatically cleans itself when it needs to be cleaned, so you don’t have to worry about doing this yourself!

The lighting is also very impressive; it consists of two LED lights that provide natural light which helps mimic day and night cycles in your aquarium. This makes your fish feel more comfortable in their environment – especially if they’re new arrivals! You can choose between white or blue LEDs depending on what mood you want to create within your tank!

You can also adjust how much light is emitted from each side by turning them off individually using these handy switches near the top right corner of each fixture (as shown above). They’re easy enough for anyone to use even if they don’t have any technical experience whatsoever with computers or electronics systems before now – just follow our instructions carefully below 🙂

Maintenance Of Fluval Flex 34lt

  • Water change:
  • Once a week, you should do 40% of the water in your aquarium. This will help remove any waste products that have built up, and keep your fish healthy. It’s best to do this at night when the fish are asleep, so they don’t get stressed from the change.
  • Filter cleaning:
  • You should clean the filter media every six months, which means taking it out and rinsing it off before putting it back in its holder. Make sure to replace any loose material as well – like carbon or foam blocks – if they start looking worn-out or damaged (you can buy replacement filters here).
  • Cleaning glass surfaces:
  • If you notice spots on the glass of your tank (known as algae), simply wipe them away with some warm water and a soft cloth every few days after doing a partial water change (see above).

Price Of Fluval Flex 34lt

The price ranges from $100-$500

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