The Fluval Accent Aquarium Stand is a beautiful and sturdy stand for your aquarium. It’s made from high-quality materials that will keep your fish safe from harm’s way, while also giving them plenty of room to swim around in comfort. The stand is designed to match the look of the Fluval line of aquariums, so you can customize your aquarium with this beautiful piece of furniture.

The Fluval Accent Aquarium Stand has a sleek design that will look great in any room. Its black acrylic finish is sure to complement any decor style while its open base allows for easy access to the aquarium. A clear acrylic cover protects your fish from debris and other items that may fall into the tank. The stand also comes with three leveling feet so you can adjust the height of your tank depending on where you plan on placing it in your home or office space.

The Fluval Accent Aquarium Stand is an elegant and functional aquarium stand, designed to display and protect your favorite fish and plant life. It’s a perfect choice for any home with limited space. The simple design makes it easy to maintain, with no need for complicated cleaning procedures or equipment. In addition to being easy to use and maintain, the Fluval Aquarium Stand is attractive enough to be used as part of any interior decorating scheme. The black finish fits in well with any style of furniture, from traditional wood pieces to sleek modern lines.

Features a built-in compartment to hide the filter and cords.

The Fluval Accent Aquarium Stand helps you arrange your cords and filter in a way that’s both beautiful and practical by concealing these items. Without the clutter of filter tubes or cords, this stand allows onlookers to focus on the fish themselves. This solves a common problem with fish tanks: they can look messy when so much equipment is either hanging off the side or hidden beneath—or worse, just left out in the open. The Accent Aquarium Stand also doubles as a sound dampener for your tank, reducing noise from pump maintenance and bubbling water. This function presents an extra bonus for those who keep their aquariums in close quarters, such as bedrooms or offices. Perhaps most importantly, this stand keeps your cables away from heat sources such as sunlight or an adjacent lamp. As any seasoned aquarist knows, anything that can be done to reduce the heating of the water is welcome news; excessive heat can stress out fish and plants alike.

Matching glass canopy.

The Fluval Accent Aquarium Stand is also equipped with a glass canopy that’s made of tempered glass. This type of glass is manufactured in such a way that it shatters into dull-edged pieces instead of sharp ones—making it much safer for you and your family (and the fish).

The stand itself comes in six different colors, allowing you to choose the one that best matches your home decor: black, white, cherry wood, black wood, espresso wood, and oak wood. Each stand comes with an adjustable accessory shelf so you can keep all of your necessary aquarium supplies on hand. It’s also equipped with a built-in compartment where you can store the filter and cords out of sight.

The optional LED light fixture is designed specifically for optimal plant growth and comes in two colors: blue and blue/white (depending on whether you prefer emphasizing plant growth or overall ambiance). The color temperature ranges from 4500k to 6500k and offers three different levels of illumination.

Available in black and white.

This stand is not only attractive but also versatile enough to be used for fresh or saltwater aquariums. It can hold up to 25 gallons of water and is suitable for any type of aquarium. In addition, it can be used for any kind of fish, including (but not limited to) livebearers, tetras, goldfish, and clownfish. This stand comes in black and white.

Please note: you must purchase a Fluval Accent aquarium separately as this product does not include one.

Includes an optional low-profile LED light fixture.

The Fluval Accent Aquarium Stand is a distinctive vertical aquarium stand with an elegant black oak finish. It comes with an optional low-profile LED light fixture that can be added after the aquarium is installed.

Contemporary design fits into any decor.

For those that have a modern aquarium, you will want to get the Fluval Accent aquarium stand. It is beautifully designed with its black or white modern finish and is well built, solid wood construction. The drawer at the bottom of the stand, not only looks great but functions as a storage area for your electrical cords and other dry items. On top of that, there is a canopy that comes with it to help keep curious pets out of your tank. There are also optional LED lights that match the overall look and feel of this stylish aquarium stand.

Fluval Accent Aquarium Stand is a great aquarium stand that can make any room look more contemporary

The Fluval Accent Aquarium Stand by Hagen is a great aquarium stand that can make any room look more contemporary. This aquarium stand has a built-in compartment to hide the filter and cords so your fish tank looks even nicer. It also comes with a matching glass canopy to keep fish from jumping out of the tank. The acrylic aquarium stand comes in black or white and fits perfectly into any decor. It also includes an optional low-profile LED light fixture.


The Fluval Accent Aquarium Stand comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from $95.99 for the 31-gallon tank to $174.99 for the 55-gallon tank. For those who prefer not to pay upfront, Amazon also offers a four-month payment plan that allows you to pay in four installments of $24.50 if you purchase the 31-gallon tank, or $43.75 if you buy the 55-gallon tank.

The stand is sold by Amazon and can be shipped free with a Prime membership; otherwise, it ships free on orders over 25 dollars (although items like this often have steep shipping costs). It also qualifies for free standard shipping on orders over 49 dollars; this offer applies to non-Prime members as well as Prime members whose order total is under 25 dollars after discounts and promotions are applied.

Amazon sells most of its products with a 30-day return policy: any item purchased on Amazon through their website can be returned within 30 days of receipt for a refund or replacement (as long as it’s in new condition). The company does not accept returns for items sold through third parties listed on their website, so make sure your salesperson has “Ships from and sold by Amazon” included in his or her description before making your purchase! This will save you time and hassle should something go wrong with your new aquarium stand​!


There is a lot of information you will want to know about maintaining your aquarium. Here are some tips:

  • Cleaning the aquarium and equipment
  • Maintaining water quality
  • Maintaining water chemistry
  • Maintaining water temperature
  • Maintaining water level
  • Maintaining the filter
  • Maintaining the lighting

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