Flow Troll Bait Bucket

The Frabill Flow Troll 6 quart live bait container features a self-closing lid with locking door and handle. The Hydrodynamic shape allows for easy flow through in water. The original and still America’s number one selling minnow bucket. Designed to be pulled behind the boat or used when wading. Hydrodynamic shape features balanced keep to keep bucket floating with bait door facing up. Constantly aerates bait as it is pulled through the water. Frabill Fishing Flow-Troll Magnum Live Bait Container Storage System has been redesigned for the best selling saltwater bait on the seven seas, shrimp. To keep shrimp alive, Frabill has added a screened insert that allows the shrimp to stick to the bucket interior in a more evenly distributed fashion.

Make sure you optimize your time in the water with the Frabill Magnum Flow-Troll Live Bait Container Storage System. Your fishing trips will never be the same. You know fishing; Frabill knows fishing gear. Let the Frabill Fishing Magnum Flow-Troll Live Bait Container Storage System be the answer your fishing trips have been longing for.Frabill Fishing Magnum Flow-Troll Live Bait Container Storage System: 


  • Ideal for use in a wide variety of waters, by fishing enthusiasts of all skill levels
  • Bring with the perfect vessel for your live bait
  • Made from a durable plastic material built for extended use
  • Ideal for transporting bait out on the water
  • Fishing Equipment Fish Containers
  • 4501 Frabill Flow Troll Live Bait Container
  • Self-closing bait door prevents bait escape
  • Hydrodynamic shape for easy flow through
  • 6 Quart capacity
  • The original and still America’s number one selling minnow bucket


  • Frabill Flow Troll Hydrodynamic 6 Quart Minnow Bucket smoothly floats across the water
  • Fail-proof solution to keep live bait healthy without the need of an aerator
  • Water easily flows through the hydrodynamic bucket
  • Nonstop natural aeration
  • Saltwater safe
  • Larger 10 Quart Size
  • Self-closing lid with locking door
  • Hydrodynamic shape


FeaturesTackle Storage
Manufacturer Part Number451200
Assembled Product Weight1.75 lbs
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)11.50 x 9.00 x 14.00 Inches

Prices of Flow Troll Bait Bucket:

$29.14 – $42.06

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