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Finger limes are produced by several growers in California and Hawaii. Due to hardiness and less susceptibility to disease, finger limes require a lower input of fertilizers and pesticides (compared to conventional citrus production) in these states. The acreage allocated to finger lime cultivation in Florida is minor, with at most 12 to 15 acres under cultivation. Widespread adoption is restricted because there is a lack of suitable varieties and limited grower knowledge about this crop.

Recently, a commercial variety popular in California was imported to Florida, and trees should be available in the next few years. The University of Florida’s citrus improvement team at the Citrus Research and Education Center (CREC) is also developing several exciting new selections that should be released in the near future. The CREC maintains a 2-acre trial for cultivation of finger limes on different rootstocks for stakeholders to visit.


Finger limes are still relatively rare, and there is good market demand. They are sold at a premium price in the California specialty fruit markets. The U.S. domestic retail price ranges from $30 per pound for the fruit (0.35 to 0.39 ounces per fruit) to about $50 per pound for the premium fruit (more than 0.5 ounces per fruit). Once harvested, finger limes have a four-week shelflife when refrigerated. The fruit, which retains its shape and flavor when frozen, can be a substitute for lemon and lime varieties that cannot sustain prolonged freezing periods during post-harvest storage.

Within the United States, the finger lime is beginning to gain popularity and could eventually become more mainstream as the crop supply increases and the crop price decreases. In California, finger limes are mainly distributed in large metropolitan areas where they are sold primarily to high-end retail markets and upscale hotels, bars and restaurants. As production increases, prices in the local market will likely decline. This could stimulate the local demand for finger limes as they become more accessible to a wider cross-section of consumers. Drawbacks include the current high retail price for the crop, limiting the growth in its demand; labor requirements for harvesting the crop; and the need to optimize production practices.

Features of Finger Limes

As featured in Bon Appetite Magazine!, the L.A. Times, and The San Francisco Chronicle. We are the sole distributor in California for the one and only “Finger Limes”, aka “Citrus Caviar”. Color of rind and interior varies with the season but the taste and texture remain the same. Finger Limes are great in Champagne, atop Oysters, grilled Salmon, Sushi, or any Seafood! To serve simply cut in half crosswise, squeeze while rolling, and the citrus caviar balls with just roll out of the limes to serve on whatever you desire!

Finger Limes are a special type of limes from the rainforests of Australia. Her name comes from her appearance – the 6-8 cm elongated fruits are indeed reminiscent of a finger. The color of their skin and flesh varies from light green to pink. But the real sensation is the pulp. Halve the fruit lengthways. With the handle of a teaspoon, scrape the pearls out of the 4 fruit chambers. 1 tablespoon of it is in each fruit. The consistency of the caviar-like balls (2-3mm) is crisp, their taste is mildly sour. They sometimes float above in liquids. Goes well with cocktails, as a vinaigrette with seafood, as an inlay with sauces and soups. Asian dishes, patisserie and definitely fish.

  • Color of rind is seasonal and range from different shades of green, red and black.
  • Interior varies in color with the season but the taste and texture remain the same.
  • 80 grams (approximately 5 – 8 finger limes)
  • A fruit the world has never seen!

Prices of Finger Limes

$32.00 – $47.00

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