Filavac Rabbit Vaccine

Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2 (RHDV2) is spreading throughout the southwestern United States. This deadly viral disease is highly contagious to domestic rabbits, and we now know that it can also infect native species of wild rabbits and hares (the current outbreak is the first documented case of this occurring). RHDV2 is both stable and infectious in the environment for long periods of time, potentially surviving more than 3 months without a host. Recent outbreaks have occurred in Washington state, Ohio, and New York, in addition to the cases spreading throughout New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and Colorado.


Indications for use, specifying the target speciesFor active immunisation of rabbits from 10 weeks of age, to reduce mortality due to rabbit haemorrhagic disease caused by classical (RHDV1) and type 2 (RHDV2) virus strains.Onset of immunity: 1 week.Duration of immunity: 1 year.

Features and benefits of Filavac Rabbit Vaccine

Filavac VHD K C+V (which protects against both RHDV2 and RHDV1) is the vaccine that I imported.  It comes in single-dose vials and multi-dose vials. The multi-dose vial contains 50 doses (practically, do not expect to get a full number of doses due to hub loss; we averaged 45 doses per vial during our vaccine clinics), and must be used within 2 hours of reconstitution. We recommend importing multi-dose vials only if you are putting on vaccine clinics where a large number of rabbits can be quickly vaccinated to avoid significant loss of product.

Dosage and administration

Amounts to be administered and administration routeOne dose (0.5 ml) per subcutaneous injection per animal.Primary vaccination: from the 10th week of age.Revaccination: annually.Apply usual aseptic conditions. Shake gently before and occasionally during administration to maintain a homogeneous suspension.

Steps to minimise the virus risk

To minimise the risk to your rabbits:

  • keep them separate from wild rabbits
  • wash your hands between handling rabbits
  • control insects around pet rabbits as they can spread the virus between them
  • avoid cutting grass and feeding it to pet rabbits
  • thoroughly clean and disinfect cages and equipment.

Prices of Filavac Rabbit Vaccine


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