Fenbendazole For Goats

Fenbendazole is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic belonging to the benzimidazoles, effective against roundworms and, depending on the dose, also against some tapeworms (e.g. Moniezia spp) as well. It is ineffective against flukes (e.g. Fasciola hepatica adults) at the usual therapeutic dose. It is completely ineffective against external parasites. Oral administration is the rule. It is used massively in all kinds of livestock (mainly in drenches and feed additives), and abundantly in pets (often in tablets, pills, etc. or oral suspensions) and horses (mostly in oral pastes & gels). There are hundreds of generic brands worldwide, also in mixtures with other anthelmintics.


Fenbendazole is not used against agricultural or household pests. Unfortunately, resistance of gastrointestinal roundworms to all benzimidazoles in sheep, goats, cattle and horses is a major problem in numerous countries. Not so yet in pets, swine or poultry. In ruminants, a 50% reduction of the diet 36 prior and 8 hours after treatment slows down the passage through the stomach, which increases the bioavailability of benzimidazoles and their metabolites and consequently its efficacy against gastrointestinal parasites.

In carnivores (incl. dogs and cats) delivery with the food increases the bioavailability of all benzimidazoles resulting in a better efficacy. All benzimidazoles have almost no residual effect, i.e. they kill the parasites during a few hours after treatment but offer no significant protection against re-infestation.

Features of Fenbendazole For Goats

Fenbendazole dewormer suspension for goats to remove internal parasites

  • Goat wormer for internal parasite control
  • Treats and controls barberpole worms and stomach worms
  • Contains the active ingredient fenbendazole
  • 6 day slaughter withdrawal time
  • Provided as an oral drench

Specifications of Fenbendazole For Goats

DeliveryParasites Dose (against fenbendazole-susceptible parasites)
OralRoundworms 5 mg/kg
OralRoundworms 5 mg/kg x5 days, mixed with feed
OralDicrocoelium dendriticum100 mg/kg; or 25 mg/kg x5 days; or 10 mg/kg x10 days
Oral Fasciola hepatica, adults150 mg/kg; or 30 mg/kg/day x5 days
Oral Moniezia spp5-15 mg/kg
Oral Muellerius capillaris15 mg/kg x2 days, rep after 35 days

Prices of Fenbendazole For Goats

$20.40 – $80.99

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