Elliot Pecan Price Per Pound

As the pecan season progresses, domestic shellers and buyers may begin to realize how short the crop year is, and prices may improve, he said. Consumer pecan prices are still normal, according to Greg Fonsah, a professor in UGA’s Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics. He said that before the hurricane, consumer prices were expected to drop because the China tariffs would drastically reduce the exports of Georgia pecans to China, and the remaining supply could flood the domestic market. But Hurricane Michael’s impact on southwest Georgia on October 10-11 halved the pecan crop that would have flooded the domestic market, maintaining consumer prices for the time being. 

According to nuts.com, hard-shell pecans are selling for $6.99 per pound and paper-shell pecans are $7.49 per pound. Pecans with no shells are $13.99 per pound. Georgia suffered a staggering $560 million loss to its pecan crop due to damages from Hurricane Michael. The state’s estimated losses include $100 million in lost nuts, $260 million in lost trees and $200 million in lost income over the next decade while replacement trees grow.


Elliotts are a variety of pecan and are so named after the man who first discovered them in Florida’s panhandle during the 1920’s. Elliotts are not always easy to locate, so we have sourced some of the most respected growers in the deep south to furnish us with their best-in-season selection of fresh, natural Elliott halves.  Because of their stocky little size, Elliotts don’t require chopping when adding to many flavorful pecan recipes. So feel free to use whole Elliott halves in cookies, muffins, salads and pies.  Ask for Elliotts by name and then sit back and enjoy their tasty goodness.

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Features of Elliot Pecan

  • Family owned pecan company since 1969. We ONLY sell pecans!
  • All natural, gluten free, shelled pecans in a resealable bag. Recipe-ready. Approximately 298 pieces/lb.
  • Heart-healthy with an abundant source of anxioxidants, unsaturated fats and have been shown to lower cholesterol.
  • Our gourmet pecans are grown and packaged in the USA.
  • Store your pecans in a sealed, airtight container. They can last up to 45 days at room temperature. Maximixe shelf life for up to a year by refrigeration or freezing.



8 Ounces


8 Ounces



Product Name

Elliott Pecan Halves – 8 oz to 5 Pounds

Prices of Elliot Pecan

$5.90-$9.60/ Kilogram

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