Eheim’s Hob Filter is a powerful, high-quality filter designed to clean your aquarium water with ease. The Hob Filter comes in two sizes, the Hob 70 and the Hob 300. The 70 has a flow rate of 70 liters per hour and the 300 has a flow rate of 300 liters per hour. Both filters come with all of the parts you need to get started right away.

The Eheim Hob Filter uses a mechanical and biological filtration system to remove impurities from your aquarium water. A ceramic media cartridge in each filter contains fine ceramic spheres that provide mechanical filtration by trapping dirt and debris from your tank. The biological media cartridge contains activated carbon that aids in removing harmful toxins from your water column by binding them to its surface.

The Eheim Hob Filter is easy to clean because it can be disassembled for easy access to all of its components. All parts are also interchangeable between models so if you have multiple tanks you can use one filter for all of them.

Description of Eheim Hob Filter

The Eheim Hob Filter is a type of external filter. It consists of a large plastic sponge with many holes in it, and an air pump that pumps water through the sponge. As the water flows through the unit, debris and waste particles are trapped on its surface by gravity. This results in a much cleaner aquarium because your aquarium does not need to be cleaned as often as it would if you used an undergravel filter or another type of internal filter.

The Eheim Hob has a large capacity and surface area for excellent effectiveness at removing debris from your fish tank while being easy to clean and maintain thanks to its simple design which makes cleaning quick and simple.

Types of Eheim Hob Filter

  • The Eheim Hob Filter is a tank filter that is meant for use with fresh or saltwater aquariums. It has a high flow rate and has been designed to work with any size of aquarium, from 10 gallons to 600 gallons.
  • Eheim Classic 250 external filters are the most popular models of Eheim internal filters. They come in three different sizes: small (20-100 liters), medium (100-300 liters), and large (300+ liters). The classic series comes in two variants: the classic 150 plus external filter and the classic 350 external filters.
  • EHEIM thermofilters are also known as heaters/chillers or water heaters/chillers. These devices provide warm water when needed throughout your house or office building, which makes them great investments during winter months when you need an extra source of warmth indoors.

EHEIM classic external filter 250

The EHEIM classic external filter 250 is a high-quality aquarium filter that makes the task of keeping your fish tank clean easier than ever. This easy-to-use product features an adjustable flow rate and filtration media, with a flow rate of up to 250 L/h. The EHEIM classic external filter 250 features three stages of filtration: mechanical, biological, and chemical. It includes an integrated siphon tube for easy maintenance.

The EHEIM classic external filter 250 has been tested by both professional aquarium experts and hobbyists alike, so you can rest assured knowing that it’s perfect for your home or office aquarium. With its high-quality components and excellent performance capabilities in mind, this affordable device will make maintaining your fish tank as simple as possible so you’re able to enjoy spending time with your pet even more often than before.

EHEIM classic 150 plus external filter

The EHEIM classic 150 plus external filter is a filter that can be used for aquariums up to 150 l. It has a flow rate of 250 l/h, which means that it will provide plenty of oxygenation and circulation in your tank. This model features three different types of media: mechanical sponges, carbon fiber pads, and bio ceramic rings (which help prevent foul odors). The self-priming pump delivers water from the aquarium directly into the filter chamber via an adjustable head pipe.

EHEIM classic 350 external filter

EHEIM classic 350 external filter

The EHEIM classic 350 external filter is a high-performance filter for aquariums up to 350 l. The flow rate at a maximum of 350 l/h provides your fish with a clean, oxygenated habitat all year round. The filter is equipped with a valve for the backwash and a bypass valve for the filling of the filter.

EHEIM thermofilter

EHEIM thermofilter is a versatile filter that’s perfect for a tropical aquarium. EHEIM thermofilter provides biological and mechanical filtration, removing unwanted substances from your water. The filter can be used in freshwater or saltwater tanks, and it’s easy to set up and maintain.

EHEIM thermofilter uses the power of carbon as a filter media to remove impurities from aquarium water. It also features a ceramic cartridge that helps reduce odors by trapping particles before they escape into the air. Finally, this model offers an adjustable flow rate so you can customize it based on your preferences or the needs of your fish tank.

EHEIM classic 250T internal filter

The EHEIM classic 250T is a filter that can be used for aquariums up to 250 liters. It comes with the following accessories:

  • Support for bio-filter media
  • Bio-clear 200 biological filters (bio-clear media not included)

Specifications of Eheim Hob Filter

The Eheim Hob Filter comes in three sizes: 2028, 3028, and 4028. The size refers to the volume of water that can be filtered by the filter. The power rating of a filter is measured in watts, which indicates how much electricity it uses to run. A larger tank will require more power than smaller ones; however, the flow rate is not affected by tank size or pump type.

The flow rate is measured in gallons per hour (GPH), so it’s important for you to know how much water you need to have to go through your aquarium at any given time before shopping for a new filter. You’ll also want to consider whether or not you plan on using other equipment with this filter—such as protein skimmers or UV sterilizers—to ensure that everything can fit together nicely and work properly together.

The weight is another important factor when considering which type of pump will suit your needs best since heavier filters may not fare well under certain circumstances such as moving from one room to another frequently or traveling abroad with them frequently if this applies.

Maintenance of Eheim Hob Filter

It is important to regularly check your filter and clean it if necessary. The frequency of cleaning depends on the type of filter you purchase, but it is usually recommended that you do so once a month. Some filters are easier to clean than others, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions before starting the process.

If your tank has a heater, this should be set at 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius) while its inhabitants are awake. You can adjust this temperature slightly higher or lower as needed depending on what kind of fish or invertebrates you want in your tank.

Price of Eheim Hob Filter

The price of Eheim Hob Filter is $77.99 on Amazon and $70 at Walmart, making it more expensive than the Aquael MiniCube 80. However, if you consider the fact that an aquarium with a 50-gallon capacity requires three filters (or two of these), then this product offers value for money as you get more filtration power in one single purchase.

The price of this filter includes free shipping within the United States and Canada but does not include taxes or import fees. In Europe, it costs 89€ on Amazon Germany which translates to about $100 using today’s exchange rates (the exact amount depends on where you live).

In Conclusion

The Eheim hob filter is a great choice for your reef aquarium. It provides an excellent amount of surface area for bacterial growth and can be used to protect against nitrate accumulation in the water column. The best part about this type of filter is that it has no moving parts which mean it will last longer than other types of filters. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to protect your fish with natural filtration methods, then I highly recommend buying one of these products today.

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