Eheim is a company that has been manufacturing aquarium filters since 1952. It manufactures external filters, internal filters, and even filter media for its filters. Eheim is a German company and most of the products are made in Germany. However, some of their products are also made in the United States and Italy.

The Eheim external filters come in three sizes: 250, 350, and 500. The size of an aquarium filter depends on how many fish you want to keep in your tank and whether you have live plants or not. If you have live plants then you need a larger filter than if you don’t as it will be removing more nutrients from the water.

The Eheim internal filters come in three sizes: 2029 (20), 3029 (30), and 4029 (40). These are ideal for small aquariums with up to 13 gallons (50 liters). They can also be used on larger tanks but they may need replacing more frequently than the external filters would have done if they had been used instead because they don’t have such large volume capacities as external ones do (up to 3000 liters/hour flow rate). Eheim is a leading manufacturer of aquarium filters for fresh and saltwater aquariums. Their products are designed to provide optimal filtration and circulation for your fish, plants, and corals. Eheim also offers filters for ponds, fountains, and waterfalls. Eheim’s Aquarium Filters offer superior biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration to promote healthy and vibrant aquatic life in your tank. The range includes internal & external canister filters, external wet/dry filter systems, external filter cartridges, and media beds.

Description of Eheim Aquarium Filters

Eheim Aquarium Filters are the best filters for aquariums on the market today. They are made in Germany, using high-quality materials that have been rigorously tested to ensure that they perform at a very high standard. Eheim Aquarium Filters are efficient enough to remove particles as small as 0.3 microns from water—the smallest particle that can be filtered out of the water by a mechanical filter is 1 micron. In addition, unlike other brands of aquarium filters, Eheim Aquarium Filters come with media bags (which hold filtration media) so you don’t have to purchase them separately or make your own.

Types of Eheim Aquarium Filters

  • Eheim Classic Canister Filters

The classic line of aquarium filters is the most common, and these are available in both internal and external varieties. The internal model is better for small fish tanks with a maximum of around 10 gallons or less, while the external model works well for larger aquariums up to 100 gallons or more. Both types have an adjustable flow rate control that allows you to control how much water is circulated through your filter.

  • Eheim Classic External Canister Filters

These filters are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater tanks, though they do require a separate heater and power supply (if you don’t already have one). They’re also suitable for both fresh-and-saltwater setups since they can be used with either type of water supply without damaging any components inside your filter itself. This means there’s no need for extra equipment like heaters or air pumps if you’re going from one type of setup – just swap over some hoses.

Specifications of Eheim Aquarium Filters

The specifications of Eheim Aquarium Filters:

  • Water flow rate: up to 5,000 L/h
  • Power consumption: 54 Watt
  • Voltage required: 120V~60Hz (US/Canada) / 230V~50Hz (EU and UK)
  • Power cord length: 1.8m / 2.7m / 4.9m depending on the model chosen by you. Note that the cords are detachable and easy to replace if needed.
  • Weight without accessories: 5 kgs for 2215, 13 kgs for 2217, or 33 kgs for 2228 models; be aware that this weight will increase when you add your fish tank’s water which will affect its stability while in use.

Maintenance of Eheim Aquarium Filters

To ensure your Eheim filter provides the best performance and longest life, it’s important to clean and maintain it regularly. The following steps are recommended for cleaning an Eheim aquarium filter:

  • Disconnect the power before cleaning any parts of the aquarium filter assembly.
  • Remove all cartridges (except biological filters), wash with warm water, then replace them after drying completely in a dry place at room temperature away from heat sources.
  • Change carbon cartridge every 6 months (older models) or 4-6 weeks (newer models).
  • Clean foam pre-filter with warm water if necessary every 1-2 weeks; rinse thoroughly before replacing on the back plate of filter assembly or elsewhere depending on model number/type/setup type (eBay has some good info on this). If you’ve got a model without a removable pre-filter cartridge but rather just one large plastic piece that sits inside the main body of your aquarium filter—you still need to clean it out once per month by soaking it overnight in soapy water and then washing well before tossing back into place again.

Price of Eheim Aquarium Filters

  • Eheim Aquarium Filters are cost-effective.
  • Among the most expensive models of Eheim aquarium filters are the Classic External Canister Filter Pro 3 and the Nano Internal Canister Filter. These range from $200 to $300 USD depending on where you buy them, with some retailers offering discounts on these models. On average, however, the price of an Eheim Aquarium Filter ranges from $50-$300 USD depending on which model you choose and where you purchase it

In Conclusion

Eheim products are designed and developed to last a very long time with proper care and maintenance. However, they should still be cleaned regularly as they can become clogged or damaged by debris in the water. Eheim filters have been around since 1969 and continue to manufacture high-quality aquarium filtration products which include: external, internal, and canisters all of which provide excellent flow rates while maintaining crystal clear water conditions in your fish tank.

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