Durum Wheat Prices Per Bushel

Wheat futures’ summer of impressive gains tied to global supply concerns received yet another bounce in an August surprise. Market analysts interviewed by Milling & Baking News, a sister publication of World Grain, laid out paths by which futures could now dip lower into the fourth quarter and perhaps shoot higher in the early months of 2022.

Months of steady gains in spring wheat futures and an impressive upward tilt in winter wheat futures since mid-July received another big boost this month after a production curveball courtesy of the US Department of Agriculture. While leaving virtually unchanged its production projection for the drought-plagued US spring wheat crop, the USDA lowered its all-wheat and winter wheat production estimates by 3%. Much of the decrease was based on lower estimates for a hard red winter wheat crop.

Features of Durum Wheat

  • PRODUCT OF ITALY: For generations, Caputo Flour has been the number one choice of the best pizza makers in Naples, the birthplace of the Neapolitan style pizza. Now for those who pursue the highest quality ingredients for their recipes, Caputo now offers Semola di Grano Duro.
  • PROFESSIONAL FLOUR: Caputo Semolina is 100% all natural flour, a culinary essential perfect for baking. Originating in Naples, Italy, our family company is dedicated to the gold standard of Neapolitan pizza flour established since 1924
  • HIGH QUALITY : This additive free durum wheat is finely ground with semola’s signature yellowish tint and resistant and elastic gluten. Ideal for certain traditional pastas and breads, and wherever the distinctive color, texture and flavor characteristics of semolina are desired. Ideal for long rise dough, this flour is comprised of very high quality proteins and gluten. Rinforzata means “reinforced” because of the higher protein level which makes this product ideal for certain pastry, specialty breads & pizza
  • A DIVERSE INGREDIENT: Our all natural ingredients and selected hard grain types are double milled and carefully crafted to help you produce gourmet breads, pasta, and pizza crusts with a rustic, traditional taste and slightly sweet, rich flavor.
  • PERFECT TEXTURE: Different from our other flour types, semolina is more coarse in texture with a yellow buttery color and increased elasticity, ideal for fresh pasta. Comprised of high quality proteins and gluten, this product also bakes specialty breads and pastries.

Benefits of Durum Wheat

  • Contains 4 – 5 pound bags
  • Beautifully cleaned and ready to mill
  • Ancient Grain
  • Never Genetically Modified
  • Excellent source of protein for your recipes


USDA Organic Certification
Made in the U.S.A.
Kosher Certified
No Sugar Added
No Preservatives
Whole Grains
***Certifications*Certified Non GMO Issue Date: 4/11/19 ID#C-024325-2019*Certified Organic Issue Date:4/29/2002 ID# C0030628-NOPHPC-12*Certified Gluten Free Issue Date: 3/8/18 ID#0215*Certified Kosher Issue Date: 4/2/19 ID# 107608

Prices of Durum Wheat

$150.00-$290.00/ Metric Ton

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