Cylap Rcd Rabbit Vaccine

Rabbit calicivirus disease occurs in wild and domestic European rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) in Australia causing acute haemorrhage and sudden death. The virus was prematurely released in Australia in 1995. A short time later a vaccine became available for use in pet and farmed rabbits. Myxomatosis occurs in Australia, however a vaccine is not available or allowed to be used in Australia because of the risk of the vaccinate strain entering the wild rabbit population and stimulating immunity.

Distemper occurs in ferrets. Distemper is also known to exist in Australia, therefore the ferret population can be considered to be at risk. No specific monovalent vaccine for ferrets is available in Australia. Consequently polyvalent canine vaccines are used.

Features of Cylap Rcd Rabbit Vaccine

Currently there is an Australia wide shortage of Cylap RCD Rabbit Vaccine. At this stage our supplier is hoping to have more by the end of the year. In order for us to preserve our vaccines for animals that are more at risk we are asking owners to be patient and undertake the following:

  1. Where possible keep your rabbits inside to minimise risk
  2. Delay your 6 monthly vaccinations (up to one year) until the vaccine is readily available

We have a small supply of the vaccine doses and will be endeavouring to minimise our use as much as possible.

We will continue to vaccinate the following:

  1. Animals are due for their yearly vaccination
  2. Non-vaccinated rabbits (high risk) – this includes adult & baby bunnies

Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns relating to your animal vaccination.

Benefits of Cylap Rcd Rabbit Vaccine

  • Inactivation of the vaccine assures no replication of vaccine virus.
  • No deleterious effects on the foetus, does not cause abortion, or have any impact on weaning.
  • One dose initial vaccination required because vaccine virus is highly immunogenic.
  • Twelve months duration of immunity.
  • Annual booster vaccination needed for breeding rabbits and pets to maintain immunity.

Clinical Use

1 mL initial vaccination dose by subcutaneous route. Rabbits should be vaccinated at 10-12 weeks of age. If epizootic conditions make vaccination advisable before the age of ten weeks then animals should be re-vaccinated one month after the first innoculation or when they reach the age of 10-12 weeks, whichever occurs first. An annual booster vaccination is recommended.

Dosage and Administration

Aseptic techniques should be applied if the vaccine is held for use for any length of time to prevent possible contamination. Each injection should be with a sterile syringe. Dose. 1 mL injected subcutaneously high on the neck. Massage injection site for approximately 10 seconds to reduce the chance of possible injection site reactions.

Prices of Cylap Rcd Rabbit Vaccine

$165.00 – $193.50

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