Cow Restraint Devices

Cow Restraint Devices Cattle will place their heads into stanchion (yoke) or chin-lift types of head-restrainers if they are gently moved forward by a rear pusher gate. Cattle confined in an upright ASPCA pen for religious slaughter will remain calmer if the apparatus is gently closed around them. Cattle are large animals that can behave unpredictably, especially when they are not used to being handled. It is important to always bear this in mind, and to take all possible precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of those working with you. Appropriate restraint of the animal is central to this.

An absolute minimum requirement for any dairy operation is a separate treatment pen and a maternity area, each with a built-in stanchion. In any housing system, the operator should be able to observe all animals and easily separate and restrain those that need care or treatment. Common observation points include milking centers, pasture Jots, feeding, resting, exercise, and calving areas.When designing individual components or complete treatment facilities, remember there is no one system that will best meet the needs of all dairy operators. Personal opinion and traditions help determine the ultimate selection of components for a workable system. Herd size, expected types of treatment, and probable frequency of use will determine final selections. For instance, if you plan to take care of animal hoof trimming, you will need a holding pen and hoof table, equipment normally provided by the professional trimmer. Special equipment required for a complex surgical operation should not be installed. This should be done in a veterinary clinic. Focus on regular needs, such as calving, dehorning, and vaccination.

Uses/benefits of Cow Restraint Devices:

  • One person should be able to isolate and restrain an animal for observation and treatment safely and conveniently.
  • Animal handling problems increase in direct proportion to herd size.
  • Components must be selected and constructed to reduce the possibility of injury to operators and animals, such as pinch points and jagged edges.
  • Construction should withstand abuse by 1,500-pound cows and the equipment used to clean the area.
  • Include access to running water, medical supplies, records, and parking for the veterinarian’s service vehicle.
  • Good lighting should be provided.

Features of Cow Restraint Devices:

  1. Solid sides or barriers around the cattle to prevent them from seeing people deep inside their flight zone. This is especially important for wild or excitable cattle.
  2. To prevent lunging at the headgate, the bovine’s view of an escape pathway must be blocked until it is fully restrained. This principle does not apply to pigs.
  3. Provide non-slip flooring for all species of animals.
  4. Slow steady motion of a restraint device is calming, while sudden jerky motion excites. Applies to all species.
  5. Use the concept of optimal pressure. Sufficient pressure must be applied to provide the feeling of restraint, but excessive pressure that causes pain or discomfort must be avoided. This principle applies to all species.
  6. The entrance of the restraint device must be well lighted. All species must be able to see a place to go.
  7. Livestock will remain calmer if they can see other animals close to them.
  8. Engineer equipment to minimize noise. High pitched noise is more disturbing to livestock than a low pitched rumble from a conveyor.
  9. Restraint devices must be designed to avoid uncomfortable pressure points on the animal’s body.
  10. Restrain livestock in an upright position.


Material:Q235 low carbon steel
Frame:32mm OD,38mm OD,40mm OD etc
Size:5ftx8ft,5ftx10ft,5ftx12ft,5ftx16ft etc
Corrosion Form:galvanized steel and powder coated, hot dipped galvanized
Color:green, black, blue, yellow, red etc
Features:It can quickly and easily be installed, without the need to disturb the surface area by digging holes or laying foundations.
Main markets:Australia, European countries, America, Canada and Asia etc

Prices of Cow Restraint Devices:

$950.00 – $4,400.00

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