Cow Loading Chute

Cattle Loading Chutes make loading your cattle onto a truck or trailer an easy task. The 12’ Loading Ramp features adjustable height that ranges from 12” to 51”, allowing it to connect seamlessly with a semi truck or cattle trailer of any height. Fully sheeted sides reduce stress and the likelihood of livestock injury, while the 6” vision slot allows handlers to assist in the loading process. The rib-checkered floor plate provides exceptional traction, giving cattle confidence as they transition from chute to trailer. As an essential piece of your handling system, Arrowquip’s Cattle Loading Chute are designed for reliable performance time after time. Make loading your cattle easier than ever with our line of cattle loading chutes and ramps.

Engineered by Priefert, a leading name farm and ranch supply, our cattle loading chute is designed with the highest standards of safety and efficiency, featuring adjustable locking support legs and a cleated Rumber floor, which improves traction and reduces possible injury for your herd. For mobile needs, the WW portable loading chute also features non-skid Rumber flooring, as well as saddle-cut joints for heavy-duty durability. The Powder River Classic Loading Ramp easily guides your cattle in along a gentle incline, yet the diamond steel stairs have the heavy duty durability to withstand a lifetime of heavy use. With an adjustable deck, and hand-operated winch makes for easier and more customized ramp adjustment. No matter which cattle loading chute is best for your needs, you can be sure that any of these durable, dependable options will create a more calm, focused, and smoothly flowing herd.

Uses/benefits Cow Loading Chute:

  • 12’ loading ramp
  • Fully sheeted sides with 6” vision slot
  • Adjustable height ranges from 12” to 51”
  • Rib-checkered floor plate
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • A curved alley ramp for improved flow
  • A pivoting dock transition for safe alignment
  • A flat landing for safe transition from truck to ramp
  • A gate for the driver to access the truck gate.
  • A sight line slot for working the flight zone
  • A smooth interior sheeted with hot roll

Features of Cow Loading Chute:

  • Priefert’s Loading Chute provides a safe and effective way to load cattle into or out of your corral system.
  • Adjustable locking support legs allow you to achieve various loading heights to ensure a safe loading/unloading experience with a variety of trailers.
  • The floor of the chute is also adjustable to change the angle of the ramp when needed.
  • The Priefert Loading Chute features a cleated Rumber® floor provides added traction for livestock.
  • For maximum durability, steel bars provide support under the chute floor.
  • This loading chute is easily portable and is designed to hook up using a 2” ball mount.
  • The “hideaway” tow bar slides under the loading chute so that it’s out of the way when you get ready to load or unload cattle.
  • Architectural Grade Powder Coat Finish with UV inhibitors add years of life to your investment by helping the product resist rust, scratches and fading.

Specification of Cow Loading Chute:

Company nameAnping County XiangMing Wire Mesh Products Co.,Ltd
Established 1990
Business typeFactory/Manufacturer/Exporter
Employees180 people
Main productsdouble wire mesh fence, chain link fence, temporary fence , 358 anti climb  fence , etc
Main marketAustralia,New Zealand,European countries,Asia countries,Canada,USA,etc
Note:Different specifications are available according to your sample or drawing.

Prices of Cow Loading Chute:

$780.00 – $1,900.00

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