Cow Feed Making Machine

Cow Feed Making Machine Multifunctional straw crusher produces 200kg – 2000kg / h, which can meet the daily production needs. The core part – the hammer is scientifically designed with two impact parts, so when one part wears out, you can roll over and use the other part. Rough grinding and fine grinding can be achieved by adjusting the gap between the hammer and the screen. Change the size of the screen and the variable speed inverter control so that the same crusher can process various raw materials. Equipped with a blower, the mesh material can be collected directly and transported to the next step for further processing.

Cattle feed pellets are a compound feed. It is mainly composed of various raw materials such as cereals, oil crop seeds, soybean meal, feed, dried beet pulp, additives, vitamins, minerals, chemical preservatives and other necessary trace components. They are formulated according to the type of cattle. Cattle feed pellets are high energy and balanced proteins, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, different ingredients and nutritious cattle feed pellets are suitable for bulls, cows, heifers and buffaloes. The pellet feed can be well digested to improve the performance of the cattle.


  • Feed hammer mill, utilized for crushing the raw materials into feed powder.
  • Feed mixer also known as the feed mixing machine, adequately mixes the crushed materials to enhance the uniformity of the constituents.
  • Additionally known as feed pellet mill is the key piece of equipment in this production process. Our salesman will offer you the best recommendation based on your capacity requirements.
  • Feed pellet packaging and weighing machine for weighing the pellets and packing them uniformly.
  • Other machinery required might be such as a pellet cooler, pellet crumbler, grease adding machine.

Uses/benefits of Cow Feed Making Machine:

Cost saving: As you know, animal foods are mostly made from waste, and raw materials are readily available. In order to make them suitable for animal consumption, the machine replaces human intervention and is working faster than humans. It also consumes less power.

Sizeable returns: People buy machines for two purposes. One is business-related and the other is for their own benefit. Anyway, you will benefit from it. The food industry is huge. You can’t meet the needs of the market. With a negligible investment, you can make a substantial profit.

Easy to use: In order to use this machine conveniently, one should not ask for a deep intellectual or professional degree. A person can operate this device with little or no expertise. When you buy this product form one company, their representatives will make you clear.

Features of Cow Feed Making Machine:

  • Specification: Control temperature: 80 ℃ Product name: Feed granulator machine Power:3KW Hole diameter: 2-12mmCapacity. Voltage:110V/60HZ,220V/50HZ,380V/50HZ Life of pressing wheel:50000KG Motor: Level 4 V-belt: equipped with a-1295 Boundary dimension: 760 * 360 * 870 Flat die speed: 400 rpmcolor: white color
  • 1.Small noise, Long life, High yield 2.Increase the feed port: Dry in and dry out technology, no need to add other wet materials to mix, can be directly crushed
  • 3.Copper core motor :1 year guarantee 4.Pressing wheel mold: The friction temperature of compressed friction feed is less than 80 ℃. 5.Discharge port:Stainless steel thickened material, more durable
  • 6.Selected wear-resistant materials: Alloy steel, after 7000 tons of hydraulic pressing and high temperature quenching, has the characteristics of high wear resistance, high density and long service life.
  • 7.Keep improving the details:The hole size is uniform, the distribution is appropriate, the size is accurate, and the wear resistance is good.

Product Specification:

Brand NameWell Gain
ColorAs customer’s requirements
Supporting powerElectric motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine
Executive standardJB/T9822.1-2008
Inlet TypeAutomatic and Non-Automatic for Your Choice
Wechat0086 15842544825
Blades TypeDouble-edged Razor Blades
Motor Speed2800r/min
Spindle speed4450r/min
Voltage220V/380V 50HZ
Feeding Rollers Materialsteel
PackageSpecial Wooden Case for Exporting
UsageChaff Cutter Machinery
Key wordAnimal Feed Machine

Prices of Cow Feed Making Machine:

$1,315.00 – $20,000.00

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