Clostridial Vaccine Cattle

Vaccination is frequently practiced for protection of animals against clostridial diseases. A wide variety of vaccines is available, singly or in combinations that consist of bacterins, toxoids, or mixtures of bacterins and toxoids. Single vaccination with most clostridial vaccines does not provide adequate levels of protection and must be followed by a booster dose within 3–6 weeks. Vaccination of young animals does not yield adequate protective immunity until they are at least 1–2 months old. Therefore, most vaccination strategies target the pregnant dam so that maximal immunity is transferred to the neonate via colostrum. Most commercial vaccines are inactivated and usually contain 2-, 4-, 7-, or 8-way combinations of clostridial organisms/toxoids. These should be optimally timed for provision of maximal protection at the most likely age of susceptibility.

Clostridial diseases are caused by a group of bacteria that share the same environment as cattle. These organisms are ever present, existing in soil, on pasture, within buildings and even in the tissues and organs of farmed ruminants. Clostridial diseases have been recognised for over 200 years, and affect sheep, cattle and other species worldwide For much of the time, clostridial bacteria remain dormant and effectively harmless, often in the form of highly resistant spores that can survive for many years When certain common trigger factors occur, including; changes in management, parasitic activity and traumatic damage to organs. The bacteria are then stimulated to multiply, the resulting release of lethal toxins causes the signs of clostridial disease that virtually always lead to the very rapid death of the animal. Clostridial diseases are consistently an important cause of sudden death on UK farms. Clostridial infections progress rapidly and intensive treatment with antibiotics is rarely effective. Effort must be focussed on ensuring good immunity against disease through effective vaccination strategies. There are two types of immune protection; Active: the animal is vaccinated so that it makes a response to infection and protects itself against disease


One Shot Ultra® 7 is effective for vaccination of healthy cattle against disease caused by Clostridium chauvoeiCl. septicumCl. novyiCl. sordelliiCl. perfringens Types B, C and D, and respiratory disease caused by Mannheimia haemolytica Type A1.

  • Proven protection against clostridial diseases
  • Available as both a 3-way or 7-way clostridial, as well as in a combination of 7-way clostridia and Moraxella bovis (pinkeye)
  • Unique DD-2™ adjuvant stimulates a strong immune response
  • BQA compliant for both low dose and subcutaneous guidelines 

Features of Clostridial Vaccine Cattle

  • ALPHA-7/MB-1 is the only single dose, seven-way clostridium vaccine with additional single-dose pinkeye protection
  • ALPHA-7/MB-1 is safe for use in all cattle
  • Formulated with DD-2™ adjuvant, a proprietary adjuvant system
  • Low volume 2-mL dose
  • Sub-Q administration

Dosage information:

Using aseptic technique, inject a single 2-mL dose subcutaneously. Calves vaccinated under 3 months of age should be revaccinated at weaning or 4-6 months of age. A 2-mL booster dose is recommended annually.


Helps protect against diseases caused by the clostridial agents Clostridium chauvoei; Cl. septicum; Cl. novyi; Cl. sordellii;and Cl. perfringens Types B, C and D; and bovine pneumonia caused by M. haemolytica Type A1.

Mode of action

The freeze-dried component is a preparation of inactivated whole cultures of M. haemolytica propagated to increase the production of leukotoxin and capsular and cell-associated antigens. The liquid component consists of killed, standardized cultures of Cl. chauvoei, Cl. septicum, Cl. novyi, Cl. sordellii, and Cl. perfringens types C and D, with a special, water-soluble adjuvant (Stimugen®) to enhance the immune response.

Prices of Clostridial Vaccine Cattle

$37.95 – $167.57

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