Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts

Chocolate covered brazil nuts made with freshly roasted brazils covered in Philadelphia Candies dark chocolate. Brazil nuts are roasted in-house to ensure absolute freshness. Approximately 50 dark chocolate covered brazils per pound. Personal message and gift wrap available at checkout. Philadelphia Candies offers 100% satisfaction. Philadelphia Candies has been manufacturing fine chocolates in Hermitage, Pennsylvania for 100 years. The company was founded in 1919 and operates retail stores in Pennsylvania and Ohio. If you have questions or need assistance with an order, contact Philadelphia Candies through your Amazon account by clicking on our seller name and then “Ask a question” or “Contact seller.”


It’s more than wishful thinking — chocolate can be good for you. Studies show that eating chocolate, may contribute to improved cardiovascular health. Packed with natural antioxidants, chocolate and cocoa sit in the same good-for-you category as green tea and blueberries. That’s because chocolate comes from cacao beans or (cocoa beans), and are full of natural plant nutrients. Most of the studies to date highlight chocolate’s health values because it has the highest percentage of cocoa solids, therefore more flavanol antioxidants

Features of Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts

Originating from South America, Brazil nuts are an excellent source of dietary fiber and various vitamins and minerals. However, we’ve taken a sweet tooth spin on this nutritious nut and smothered it in rich creamy milk chocolate. Our milk chocolate covered Brazil nuts make for one tasty treat!

Bold nut lovers will adore our dark chocolate-covered Brazil nuts. After careful thought, we realized the only way we could make our roasted Brazils taste even better would be to triple dip them in lush dark chocolate. Our hypothesis testing went pretty well, if we do say so ourselves! Reach for a simple yet decadent snack with our dark chocolate-covered Brazil nuts.

Nutrition facts

Amount per serving% Daily Value*
Total Fat 17g
Saturated Fat7g
Trans Fat0g
Cholesterol 0
Sodium 0mg
Total Carbohydrate 19g
Dietary Fiber2g
Protein 30g

Prices of Chocolate Covered Brazil Nuts

]$1.00-$2.00/ Kilogram

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