Charollais Sheep Prices

The Charollais is a breed of domestic sheep originating in east central France, in the same region in which Charolais cattle originated, Charolles and Saône-et-Loire. It is known for ease of lambing and is used as a terminal sire to increase muscling and growth rate of the lambs. It has been exported internationally, and is commonly used in the United Kingdom as a sire to produce market lambs from pure-bred ewes and mules

The 2021 Charollais Sheep Premier proved a great success with averages up in both ram sections and the breed record broken by an impressive shearling ram from the Artnagullion Flock of William McAllister sold to 4,400gns. The Pre-Sale Show was judged very efficiently by Emyr Hughes of the Bronwydd Flock, Pembrokeshire.  He chose his Champion from the Iskeymeadow pen of Richard and Harry Powell, Lot 58, an Arbyn Viper son and out of a Loanhead Dam.   Reserve Champion was Lot 64 presented by Graham Foster, a Springhill Viper son and out of a Rhaeadr dam.  Female Champion was Lot 185 presented by McConnell Brothers, a Hollylodge Voldemort daughter.  The Group of Three was won by Graham Foster


The Charollais sheep is a breed of domestic sheep from France. It was originated from the east central part of the country (Charolles and Saône-et-Loire), the same region in which the Charollais cattle developed. The breed was developed in the early 1800s. And was developed from a cross between Leicester Longwool with local land-race sheep breeds. The Charollais sheep breed is used mainly as a terminal sire for increasing the muscling and growth rate of the lambs. The rams generally reach maturity within their 7-8 months of age. And the Charollais rams are the second most used terminal sire breeds in United Kingdom. The Charollais sheep has been exported internationally, and today it is found in many different countries throughout the world

Physical characteristics

The Charollais sheep is a medium to large sized breed used as a terminal sire. The head is pinkish-brown and is usually free of wool but may have a fine covering of pale coloured hair and both sexes are polled (without horns). It is long in the back, wedge shaped and well-muscled. A high frequency of the Myostatin gene mutation is responsible for the increased muscling observed in the Charollais breed.  The breed is fine boned making for a high killing out percentage. The legs are brown, quite short and free of wool. On average at maturity, rams weigh 135 kg (300 lb) and ewes weigh 90 kg (200 lb).

Features of Charollais Sheep

This terminal sire breed is renowned for its excellent fleshing qualities and growth. This domestic breed has a reputation for being an easy lamber. Charollais rams are long-lived and willing to mate for most of the year, whilst Charollais ewes have a long breeding season and are excellent mothers.

  • Very meaty loin and hind quarter
  • High dressing out percentages
  • Lean carcass
  • Rapid growth rates off grass
  • Clean on the points
  • Very easy lambing (low birth weights) = more lambs weaned
  • Very prolific180 – 200% lambing.
  • Excellent milkers = fast growing sucker lambs
  • Bare Breech, no mulesing
  • Quick sexual maturity


The Charollais sheep is a meat sheep breed. It is raised mainly for meat production. The Charollais sheep are hardy animals and they are well adapted to their native climates. They also do well in some other parts of the world. Today the breed is raised mainly for meat production. But also good for producing wool. Their fleece generally weights between 2 and 2.5 kg.

Charollais Sheep Prices

 $800.00 – $3,000.00 

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