Chandler Walnut Tree Price

The Chandler Walnut Tree is an English type walnut developed by the researchers of U.C. Davis. It is one of the leading commercial varieties in America. Chandler Walnut Trees produce very heavy crops of medium-sized, excellent quality nuts that are oval shaped and fairly smooth. The Chandler Walnut ripens in late September. The Chandler Walnut Tree is moderately vigorous and needs approximately 1000 Chill Hours. Our Chandler Walnut trees for sale grow in zones 4-8. Note: The maximum box length for FedEx is 96 inches. So we must prune the larger trees to meet this requirement but the greater caliper remains. No pruning required for Freight delivery of volume orders. (Call for Freight Options.)

Chandler starts producing walnuts very early. Your trees will be 2 years old when you receive them. Begin giving fruits even in their first year after planting. However, in order to conserve the energy of the tree and improve the productivity for the following years, we recommend you to cut down the fruits for the first 3 years. You should cut the walnuts off from the trees when they emerge, and not let them develop. This allows the tree to use its energy for growing a stronger trunk and bigger roots, instead of producing walnuts. This increases the productivity of the tree in the long term. After 3 years you can start collecting the fruits and start selling the walnuts of your orchard. You can check the Chandler walnut tree yield table to see how many kilograms of walnuts you can collect per tree. The numbers expressed as yield in the table are dry walnuts (walnuts with brown shells) in kilograms.

Yield increases gradually every year after planting the trees. After 10 years, yield no longer increases and remains at the same level. You can collect between 30 to 40 kilograms of shelled walnuts every year from each mature and well-maintained Chandler walnut tree in your orchard. This means that you can collect more than 10 tons of shelled walnuts per hectare.


Chandler is our top selling walnut tree variety. It was developed by University of California. In the recent years, Chandler is the most preferred walnut variety for new orchards because of its productivity and excellent nut quality.

  • Yield: Chandler is a highly productive variety. It is a lateral bearer with 90 percent of its lateral branches being productive. Therefore it offers very high yields. Chandler walnut tree starts yielding walnuts in the first year that you plant your trees. Check the productivity table under this page to see productivity over years.
  • Nut and shell quality: Chandler produces large nuts with thin shell and very light-colored kernels. Thin shell and kernel color are important features in determining walnut selling price. Walnuts that have lighter kernel color sell for higher prices. Its kernels are easy to remove from the shell and easy to crack out into halves.

Features of Chandler Walnut Tree

Chandler Walnut Tree is the most productive variety among walnut saplings. It gives more walnuts than any other specy and it is developed in California. We have Chandler walnut trees for sale all year round and please ask for our walnut tree prices. This variety is good for your walnut orchard if you are looking for a productive and disease resistant variety. Chandler walnut tree spacing should be 6 meters by 5 meters. Grows best in deep watering and well–drained soil. Fertilizing walnut seedlings is easy using animal manure. This makes 330 trees per every hectare.

Franquette walnut tree is Chandler’s pollinator. In order to optimize productivity of your orchard you should plant 1 Franquette for every 10 Chandler trees. In terms of Chandler walnut tree yield you can expect up to 15 tons of dry walnuts per acre 8 years after planting your trees.

Benefits of Chandler Walnut Tree

Introducing Nature’s Tree, a new line of unique and premium nut varieties selected from around the world. Sweet Chandler walnuts are known for their light appearance and exceptional quality. They are grown and harvested in California and Chile, then hand cracked in Vietnam. Nature’s Tree Chandler Walnuts are the pinnacle of quality, containing 5g of protein per serving with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. The provided resealable bag maintains freshness whether you take Nature’s Tree Chandler Walnuts to work, school or out for the night. These crunchy walnuts require no additional seasoningenjoy as they’re grown!

  • One 8 oz bag of Nature’s Tree Chandler Walnuts
  • Sweet Chandler walnuts are known for their light appearance and exceptional quality
  • Chandler Walnuts are grown and harvested in California and Chile, then hand cracked in Vietnam
  • Resealable bag to maintain maximum freshness
  • Enjoy 5g of protein per serving from these international walnuts
  • Contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
  • Premium nuts with global expertise and intrigue

Prices of Chandler Walnut Tree

$1.00-$20.00/ Piece

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