Cavendish Banana Price

As one of the major we are producer and exporter of fresh premium Bananas, our priority is to deliver our customer the finest quality with an ethical and reliable operation approach and establishing long-lasting business partnerships with our customers.Our customer portfolio covers every section within the industry from wholesaler to major supermarkets, retailers, food service, food manufacturing and catering industry.

The strategy of our company is focused on long-term profitable business activities in the core competence areas for banana production. Here, the consistent compliance with the principles customer satisfaction has been the basis of our goal for a long time, with high transparency and protection of the interests of our clients, thus generating management and control of the company for long-term value added.


Get plenty of tropical fruit anywhere in the country with our Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree. No matter where you live, from wintry upstate New York to hot and humid Florida, you’ll get amazing growth from our Dwarf Cavendish. Simply container plant your Cavendish for the patio or indoors in colder climates, and watch the exotic, robust fruit emerge despite the weather. And our Cavendish is especially effortless because of its manageable mature height of only 10 feet. That means you can place this tree in any space, big or small from inside to outside. But despite its dwarf size, it produces a huge harvest of up to 90 bananas each year!

Even better? Our Cavendish Banana Tree is pest and disease resistant, too. You won’t have to use harsh chemicals or sprays for it to truly thrive. Plus, because we’ve planted, grown and shipped our Cavendish with care, you get the best possible results in your homescape. We’ve done the hard work, months ahead of time, so that your Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree exceeds expectations.

As one of the first online nurseries in the world, Brighter Blooms offers a large, proven collection of high-quality plants. We’ve been shipping plants direct to consumers from our nursery in South Carolina for more than a decade and have served one million happy customers and counting. When it comes to caring for plants, preparing them for shipment, and making sure they arrive to you happy and healthy, we’re experts. And because we lovingly care for your plants like they’re our own, we never ship bare root plants. Our plants are boxed and tendered to the delivery company on the same day they are brought in from the field. Unlike other companies that ship from warehouses, we believe your plants deserve sunshine and water!

Features of Cavendish Banana:

Big Hands (4/5/6 Hands)
1. Calibration: Minimum 39 – Maximum 472. Finger Length: Minimum 7.5 inches
3. No. of Fingers in a Hand: 12 fingers
4. Age: Minimum 9 weeks old – Maximum 12 weeks old
5. Weight per Hand:

4-Hands: Minimum 3.50 – Maximum 5.50 kgs.
5-Hands: Minimum 2.50 – Maximum 3.50 kgs.6-Hands: Minimum 2.25 – Maximum 2.50 kgs.

Small Hands (7/8/9 Hands)
1. Calibration: Minimum 34 – Maximum 38
2. Finger Length: Minimum 6.50 inches – Maximum 7.40 inches
3. No. of Fingers in a Hand: 12 fingers
4. Age: Minimum 9 weeks old – Maximum 12 weeks old
5. Weight per Hand: 6-Hands: Minimum 1.70 – Maximum 2.24 kgs.7-Hands: Minimum 1.50 – Maximum 1.90 kgs.
8-Hands: Minimum 1.30 – Maximum 1.70 kgs.

Benefits of Cavendish Banana

  • Delicious taste
  • Good for health
  • Excellent source of nutrients

Product Specification

Quality AvailableA Grade
Packaging Type AvailableCrate, Carton
Packaging Size Available10 Kg, 20 Kg
Variety Of Fruit AvailableBanana
Minimum Order Quantity10000 Kilogram

Prices of Cavendish Banana

$200.00 – $300.00/ Ton

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