Cattle Vac Box

The new Cattle Vac Box is a rancher-developed way to keep vaccines and medicines cool, sorted and protected while working cattle. Developed over a period of years by Darla Bramwell of Colorado, the Cattle Vac Box comes with a specially designed tray that helps separate and eliminate cross-contamination of vaccines and medicines. Bramwell says she developed the tray to keep needles and their respective medicines or vaccines sorted.

The Cattle Vac Box also has three slots for vaccine guns through the lid to keep them cool and protected, out of sunlight and dirty conditions between injections. Under this section of lid is a “sharps” disposal holder for used needles. Just remove them from the gun, drop into the slot, and dispose of them later. The entire box weighs only 18 pounds, is easy to carry and clean, and is made in the US. Its handles are molded into the side and it has stainless steel clasps. It also comes with a detachable clip board. It will be available in mid April.


The Jr. CattleVacBox chute side cooler is designed for working smaller herds, both sides of the chute, or during calving time. It keeps livestock vaccines and medications cool, sorted and protected even under the most extreme conditions. Easy to carry with a removable handle, The Jr’s double-insulated, rugged rotomolded construction is divided into two sides with separate lids and an interior divider to make sure every shot counts.

The larger side includes a removable, specially designed 4-compartment tray to hold medications and their injection and transfer needles. Under the lift-out tray is room for your ice packs and extra medications. Holster up to two syringes on the smaller side of the cooler. Fits many styles. Under the lid is room for a sharps container for your used needles – just remove the needle from your syringe and drop it through the hole for proper disposal.

Features of Cattle Vac Box

Protect your vaccine, so it can protect your herd. Vaccines break down in sunlight and warm temps, making them less effective and even dangerous.Make your vaccine program pay for itself by protecting your investment. Comes with accessory package which includes: clipboard, sharps container, insulated pad set of plugs, and one cold/hot pack and Tag Caddy Basket.

  • Insulated with the use of icepacks and our insulated pad
  • Comes with a specially designed tray that helps eliminate cross contamination
  • Individual and transfer needles separated
  • Three slots for your vaccine guns


Length27.50 in
Width17.50 in
Height16.25 in
Net Weight20.00 lb
Gross Weight20.00 lb
Volume7,820.34 cu in

Prices of Cattle Vac Box

$100.00  – $239.99

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