Cattle Feed Pellet Machine Price

There are many kinds of pellet feed production machines and equipment . Cattle feed pellet mill is used to convert dry-grinding powder into small and medium-sized particles for animal consumption. This process makes the feed delicious and easy to digest, which is very beneficial for cattle. Here, ABC Machinery provides a complete guide on the production of animal feed pellets . We can provide compact solutions for animal feed pellet production lines as well as single animal feed pellet making machine. We have various types of animal feed processing machines that can suitable small, medium and large scale animal feed processing projects

Uses/benefits of Cattle Feed Pellet Machine:

This is a multifunctional feed processing machine,it can be used for animal feed and ideal fuels pellet. It also is a good home-use pelletizer. This pellet mill can make the raw materials (such as alfalfa, grass, corn, rice husk,wood etc.) into pellets or granules very easily. Generally, the diameter of the pellet is 2.5-10mm.

♦ Pellet machine is frequently driven by electric motor or diesel engine.

♦ It is energy saving pellet machine for making feedstuff for animals such as feed for rabbits, fish, chicken, pigs, sheep, cattle, etc.

♦ A variety of raw materials like all grains such as corn, broomcorn, barley and wheat,etc.can be processed into feed pellets.

♦ Feed pelletizing process is easy in operation and low in cost, with a high survival rate of biomass microorganism bacterium >90%.

♦ Different from electric motor type,diesel pellet mill can be widely used in the regiones which are short of electricity.

♦ Simple turn on the switch, the diesel engine can start up and work independently.

♦The feed pellets are with high density, smooth and clean surface

♦Formation rate: 98% High capacity,Low investment: suit for family and farm use

♦Belt drive or directly connecting drive of this small pellet machine, working with electric power or diesel as optional;

♦Auto lubricate system: continuous work and high efficiency

♦Alloy steel Roller, extender machine service life

Feature of Cattle Feed Pellet Machine:

Drive mechanism adopts high strength belt, with steady running and low noise; Drive mechanism adopts high quality bearing to ensure high speed and stable operation;
Feeding part is equipped with a permanent magnet to remove metallic impurities;this prolongs the service life of main oarts and meanwhile reduce the use of auxiliary equipment.


Machine dimension8×5×2.3(m)
Machine weight4000kg
Auto loading machine
Convey belt size600×4500mm (W×L)
Motor power4.5kw
Model typeTurbo type
Agglomerator diameter800mm
Single stage extruder
Screw diameter120mm
Screw barrel material38Crmoala, nitriding
Gearbox225 Model, oil pump, water cooling type.
Motor37kw, inverter control
Heating zone6 zone
Heating ring materialCeramic material
Filter changerHydraulic net changer
Filter change size220×220m
Die cutting motor3kw
Die cutting inverter3kw
MaterialStainless steel
Feeding blower1.5kw
Tank volume1.5cbm

Prices of Cattle Feed Pellet Machine:

$500.00 – $30,000.00

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