Cattle Feed Pellet Machine

There are many kinds of pellet feed production machines and equipment . Cattle feed pellet mill is used to convert dry-grinding powder into small and medium-sized particles for animal consumption. This process makes the feed delicious and easy to digest, which is very beneficial for cattle. Here, ABC Machinery provides a complete guide on the production of animal feed pellets . We can provide compact solutions for animal feed pellet production lines as well as single animal feed pellet making machine. We have various types of animal feed processing machines that can suitable small, medium and large scale animal feed processing projects.

Several biodegradable materials can be used to make this powder, such as grass, wheat, corn, soybeans, straw, nut shells, bagasse (leftover sugarcane material) etc. In addition, steam or molasses is used to incorporate moisture into the mix. This creates larger, compact particles known as pellets.Pelleting has distinct advantages over mashed feed. Varying the ingredients and temperatures can improve the quality of the pellet feed and the manufacturer can control the nutritional value. This increases the overall profitability of your plant. It reduces food wastage.Not only is it preferred by cattle, it increases nutrient utilization. The pellets can be stored and transported with relative ease.

Uses/benefits of Cattle Feed Pellet Machine:

A pellet mill, also known as a pellet press, is a type of mill or machine press used to create pellets from powdered material. Pellet mills are unlike grinding mills, in that they combine small materials into a larger, homogeneous mass, rather than break large materials into smaller pieces.

Features of Cattle Feed Pellet Machine:

  • Electric machine : Movable machine with motor, creates no oily fumes or pollution, and low noise.
  • Diesel engine: Pellet mill with diesel engine, unlimited by electricity, can be worked at any place. 
  • Gasoline line engine:Compact size makes it more portable than other pellet mills.
  • PTO: Use of connecting tractors
  • Stainless steel feeder, equipped with Danfoss inverter imported from Denmark, accurate feeding.
  • All stainless steel  modulator device, modulato spindle and blade, beautiful and generous, corrosion resistance;Large open access port, easy cleaning and maintenance;Single or double layer configuration is optional.
  • Stainless steel feeding tube, stainless steel lining plate of granulating chamber, corrosion resistant.
  • Add pressure roller lubrication grease function without stopping the machine.
  • High strength SPB narrow type V belt drive, stable and reliable transmission, low noise, low maintenance cost.


Capacity100-200 kg per hr
MaterialMild Steel
Power SourceElectric
Voltage220-240 V
Frequency50-60 Hz
Automation Grade.Semi-automatic
ApplicationCattle Feed Making

Prices of Cattle Feed Pellet Machine:

$520.00 – $20,520.00

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