Cattle Chute Head Restraint: Designed to work with Priefert Squeeze Chutes, Headgates, and the Priefert Calf Table, this Head Chain can be used to securely restrain an animal’s head. With the chain threaded through the chain loop, pull one end of the chain across the front of the animal’s head and secure the end of the chain in the chain lock. Simply pull on the other end of the chain to tighten it over the bridge of the animal’s nose, and then pull upward until chain catches in the V at the top of the chain loop. Bring the remainder of the chain across animal’s neck, behind the ears, and secure the appropriate link into the chain lock. This creates a “halter like” restraint, allowing safe and easy access to the animal’s head, perfect for when you need to doctor an animal’s eyes or read tattoos.


When choosing a head restraint, it is important to consider the handling tasks that you complete on a regular basis. A Head Restraint can be a huge benefit to your operation, or a major downfall. Taking the time to do your research will help you determine which type is right for your needs, so the next time you manage your cattle will be easier than ever before.


  • Head Chain allows the operator to secure the head of any animal in a Priefert Headgate or Calf Table. Perfect for when you need to doctor eyes or read tattoos.
  • Head Chain allows operator to safely restrain an animal’s head, by securing the chain over the bridge of the animal’s nose and over top of the animal’s head (behind the ears).
  • This 7’ machine twist chain comes standard as a Squeeze Chute or Calf Table accessory (not included with Headgate purchases).


  • Enhanced, heavy-duty frame
  • Q-Catch head gate locking pin can be used to secure the cattle head holder in the upright position when not in use
  • Height can be adjusted to work with animals of any size
  • Patent pending dual friction lock with infinite adjustments is backed by a lifetime guarantee
  • Patented single lever controls
  • Cattle head scoop cradles the head comfortably
  • Compact design ensures the head holder stays out of the way when not in use
  • Simplifies procedures such as ear tagging, treating pink-eye, dehorning, and more
  • Helps to keep cattle calm during stressful procedures such as AI and veterinary testing
  • Scissor-style clamp allows handlers to safely access the animal’s head without danger of cattle thrashing around
  • Length: 7’
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs (All weights approximate)
  • 1/0 machine twist chain
  • Head Chain included with the purchase of Model S01, S0191, and S04 Squeeze Chutes and with purchase of Calf Table (CT)
  • Head Chain not included with the purchase of Model HG91, or Model HG97 Priefert Headgates.


$1,200 –  $45,000.00

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