Cardell Veterinary Monitor

This cuff size is suitable for big, Medium and small animals. The big animal Limb size is about 18-26cm limb circumference, change the machine type to Big Type Medium Animal limb Size 10-19CM limb circumference, change the machine type to medium Type Small Animal limb Size 6-11cm limb circumference, change the machine type to small Type Small Limb perimeter:<13cm.Animals’ limb circumference should be around 6-11cm. Which is 2.36-4.33 inch limb circumference.If your pets limb size smaller than this cuff size,please don’t purchase this Or contact us send you one smaller cuff. There are two ways to select the cuff mode,in the time interface,press CUFF button to switch cuff mode.Or enter the [SYSTEM SETUP]submenu in [SYSTEM MENU],and complete switching in [CUFF TYPE]item.

State-of-the-art Midmark diagnostic and multiparameter monitors provide the gold standard in efficient, accurate patient monitoring. Our family of total monitoring solutions features Cardell® BP technology, veterinary-specific algorithms and unique, staff-friendly features that make it easier to get reliable, precise readings, even in cats.

Features of Cardell Veterinary Monitor

Featuring veterinary-specific algorithms that provide quick, accurate and consistent readings, the Cardell® Insight Diagnostic Monitor is useful in all areas of a veterinary practice, including exam, treatment, surgery and recovery. It can monitor patients in the field or those being transferred within the clinic.

  • 7″ touch screen display
  • Exclusive Cardell® BP technology
  • Optional Nellcor® SpO2
  • 3-animal specific alarm settings
  • Automatic trend capture
  • 2-year limited warranty

Benefits of Cardell Veterinary Monitor

  • Small in volume、light in weight and convenient in carrying
  • 2.4” High Resolution Color TFT LCD
  • ECG,Spo2,Temp,NIBP, Respire ,Heat rate
  • 1800 mAh lithium battery inside,12 hours continuous work.
  • Bluetooth inside, can be connected with other smart devices.
  • Can be used to test family pets and for animal hospitals, clinics and farms
  • Features an easy-to-use 1-touch operation
  • High-definition color LCD display
  • Stores measured results with the date and time
  • Pet care supplies from CONTEC


Operation systemIOS,Android
ECGWaveform: Lead I
RespScope :0bpm to 100bpm;
TempScope: 20℃-50℃
NIBPSystolic blood pressure: 4kPa-34kPa(30-255mmHg);Diastolic pressure: 2kPa-29.3kPa(15-220mmHg)
SpO2Detection scope: 35%-100%
Heart rateScope: 15bpm to 300bpm

Prices of Cardell Veterinary Monitor

$45.00-$75.00/ Piece

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