Canadian Wheat Prices

There is a lot of competition in the wheat markets as wheat is produced around the world. Below is a brief synopsis on last week’s market events in the major wheat origins. he U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) also predicts the world’s exportable supplies of wheat to be at its lowest level in eight years this winter, further supporting prices. Rising wheat futures and a declining Canadian dollar also supported bids.

Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS, 13.5 per cent protein) wheat prices were up $14.10-$15.80 per tonne, according to price quotes from a cross-section of delivery points compiled by PDQ (Price and Data Quotes). Average prices were between $381.10 in southeastern Saskatchewan and $402 in northern Alberta. Quoted basis levels ranged $48.10-$68.90 above the futures when using the grain company methodology of quoting the basis as the difference between U.S. dollar-denominated futures and Canadian dollar cash bids.

Futures of Canadian Wheat:

  • Dec. ‘21 contract Chicago winter wheat closed at 734-0, down 9-2 cents on Friday, unchanged on the week.
  • Dec. ‘21 contract Kansas hard red winter wheat closed at 743-6, up 12-6 cents in Friday’s trade, up 6-2 cents on the week.
  • Dec. ‘21 Minneapolis hard red spring wheat closed at 968-6, up 8-6 cents on Friday, up 22-2 cents on the week
  • There was some mid-week profit taking in the wheat markets as the USDA report was seen as bearish for soybeans and corn. Despite this, strong demand and tight stocks caused all wheat futures to close higher for the week.
  • This Monday morning, wheat futures are mixed.


  • Spring wheat futures continued to move higher as demand is strong and quality milling wheat is in tight supply.
  • The following graph summarizes the change in North American spring wheat production. On average, the US and Canada produce a total of 38.6 million mt of spring wheat. This year, North American production fell by 42% to just 24.3 million mt.
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Uses/benefits of Canadian Wheat

  • Wheat Grains are a staple food used to make flour for leavened, flat, steamed breads, Biscuits, cookies, cakes, breakfast cereal, pasta, noodles, couscous and for fermentation to make beer and other alcoholic beverages.

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Prices of Canadian Wheat

$150.00-$200.00/ Ton

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