Campy Vaccine Sheep

You may have heard about Toxoplasma and Campylobacter. Or you may have heard that you should be vaccinating your sheep to prevent abortion. But should you? When we talk about abortion in sheep, it doesn’t necessarily mean finding dead lambs in the paddock. Often with Toxo and Campy, ewes abort early and just reabsorb the pregnancy. This means that ewes thought to be pregnant never actually lamb. These infections and the resulting abortions most often cause problems in young or first-time lambing (maiden) ewes. It is less common to see abortions in older ewes, unless for some reason they have not been exposed to the disease when they were younger. But is that enough reason to vaccinate? Toxo and Campy are NOT life-threatening infections for your ewes. In fact, although these infections cause abortion, they do not cause obvious sickness in the ewes.

This vaccine is designed to increase scanning percentages. This is done by briefly stopping ovulation from the ewes ovary when the effect wears off the ewe ovulates more mature eggs than before and this results in more multiples at scanning. This product is not a golden bullet to fix poor management or poor condition scores at tupping. There is also some very specific timing that must be adhered to as vaccinations need to be given 6 weeks apart starting 12 weeks before the ram goes out. Androvax can be very useful in certain circumstances, eg: consistently single bearing ewes, or to artificially ‘flush’ ewes when feed is unavailable. It is best used in younger ewes, as fertility increases with age and incorrect usage in older ewes can result in losses at lambing with too many sets of triplets and the increased risk of metabolic disease.


Campylobacter Fetus-Jejuni Bacterin is intended for the vaccination of healthy ewes against vibrionic abortion due to Campylobacter fetus and/or Campylobacter jejuni species. Campylobacter Fetus-Jejuni Bacterin contains killed cultures of isolates of both bacterial species in an aluminum hydroxide adjuvant.

Campylobacter spp. are Gram-negative, non-sporing, curved or spiral rod-shaped bacteria that colonize the gastrointestinal tract of a broad range of animals, and can cause associated disease in cattle, pigs and poultry. Campylobacteriosis in sheep is caused by either Campylobacter fetus ssp. fetus intestinalis (C. fetus subsp fetus) or Campylobacter jejuni (C. jejuni). Campylobacter vaccine for sheep (breeding ewes). Prevents abortion and perinatal loss caused by Campylobacter fetus fetus, and induces a specific immune response C.jejuni.

Features of Campy Vaccine Sheep

Control and Prevention of Campylobacteriosis Care should be taken on farms which practice outdoor lambing, as Campylobacter spp can remain viable in uterine discharge and fetal membranes for several days. Abortion occurs 7-25 days after infection and spreads rapidly due to the large numbers of organisms in aborted material. Isolation of aborting ewes, and correct disposal of contaminated bedding, and aborted material is vital in limiting the spread of disease. As the organism is spread via ingestions of contaminated feed and water, susceptible animals should be removed from suspect areas

Once an outbreak of abortion due to campylobacteriosis occurs, the possibilities of preventing further abortions are limited and should be discussed with the farm vet. If the flock is free of the disease, bought-in stock must not be mixed with the flock during pregnancy . Hygienic measures should be taken to prevent the disease from spreading to adjacent flocks and wildlife vectors, as infection can easily be transmitted on vehicles and boots. The organisms can remain viable in uterine discharge on pasture and bedding for several days.


Prevents abortion and perinatal loss caused by Campylobacter fetus fetus. Induces a specific immune response to aid the protection against abortion due to C. jejuni.


1mL dose by subcutaneous injection into the anterior (front) half of the neck.
Two dose, 4 – 8 weeks apart are required in the first year, with an annual booster in subsequent years. It is recommended that vaccination is completed before mating.

Prices of Campy Vaccine Sheep

$64.00 – $155.99

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