California Pistachios Price

Pistachios are highly regarded in health quotient. Produced in select states and monitored for quality, Vinod Pistachios are rich in protein while keeping the calories to a minimum. With 41% lesser calories and high antioxidants, Vinod Pistachios help fight cancer and heart diseases. . One serving of Vinod Pistachios offers as much protein as an egg, making it a good protein alternative for vegetarians. They are a smart snack to munch upon and great for cooking and baking.These Pistachios are cultivated in specific geographical areas. Packed in an air-tight zip-lock pack, the shelf life of these roasted and lisghtly salted pistachios is about six months.

If you are a health cautious individual who likes to stay active and enjoy healthy, natural snacks, California Pistachios are for YOU! These California Pistachios makes great companion for games, gatherings, movies or casual snacking! These California Pistachios have a very unique and distinctive flavor you will immediately notice! Our PREMIUM California Pistachios are – Packed fresh – TASTY – and kept in SEALED bags for extra security and freshness – Bags are resealable so that you can enjoy them FRESH every time.


California Pistachios are rich source of energy, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for optimum health. California Pistachios are lowest in contain good fat that helps lower cholesterol. They are the most nutrients dense nuts with 7 essential nutrients including vitamin B-6. Pistachio’s are truly delicious & healthy treat. Pistachio’s are effective for weight loss and can prevent the appearance of cancer. They are a good source of fibre, which helps maintain a healthy colon, helps digestion and prevents constipation.


Quantity250 g
Container TypePouch
Model NameCalifornia
Maximum Shelf Life6 Months
Added PreservativesNo
Gift PackYes
Nutrient ContentNA
Usage InstructionsNA

Features of California Pistachios

  • Roasted and Sea-Salted California Pistachios in Shell
  • Produce of California
  • Packed FRESH
  • Sealed in Resealable Pouch Bag
  • Crisp and Tasty

Nutritional facts

Nutrition Facts (Approx.)
ParametersPer 100 g
Protein23.80 g
Carbohydrate18.92 g
Energy614.20 Kcal
Dietary Fibre10.91 mg
Vitamin C3.61 mg
Iron7.43 mg
Calcium122.50 mg
Oil50.1 g

Prices of California Pistachios

$12.55-$13.99/ Kilogram

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