Brazil Nuts Prices

These Brazil Nuts by OliveNation have no shell and are ready to eat. You can either snack on them or use them in cooking and baking to create a number of foods. Unlike other nuts, this Brazil nut snack has all nine essential amino acids, making them a complete protein. They?re a delicious source of protein for those on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Per serving, Brazil Nuts have 4g of protein and 2g of fiber. They?re also high in selenium, magnesium and other nutrients. The taste and texture of these delicious nuts is sure to remind you of biting into coconut meat. They taste rich, and almost creamy. In terms of cooking and baking, these nuts can be used like macadamia nuts. They can be chopped for use with cookies, biscotti, dessert bars, muffins and brownies; put in a fruit cake; use to create trail mix; place in couscous, quinoa, salad and rice dishes. You can even use them to bake banana nut bread for yourself or the whole crew.

Create a multitude of delicious dishes with the Freshness Guaranteed Raw Brazil Nuts. Make savory dishes, desserts, snacks and more. Roast them in rosemary with other nuts for a savory nut blend or bake butter, brown sugar and brazil nuts for mouthwatering candied brazil nuts that you can use in roasted brussel sprouts or a refreshing salad, or simply enjoy as a sweet snack. At four grams of protein and zero grams cholesterol per serving, these nuts are great for a healthy diet. Pick up Freshness Guaranteed Raw Brazil Nuts today.Freshness Guaranteed provides you and your family with high-quality fresh food that saves you time and money, many of which are cooked fresh or prepared in stores. Convenient solutions with value added in every Spark Fresh item.

Features of Brazil Nuts

  • Create many different types of dishes
  • Great for both savory and sweet dishes
  • Bake them with spices and sweeteners for a sweet or savory snack or topping
  • Unsalted and unroasted
  • Good source of protein and contains 0 grams cholesterol
  • Brazil Nuts origin from powerful, enormous trees that live for 500 years or more in their native home inside the Amazon jungle.
  • They also have calcium, manganese, copper and iron, as well as vitamins B1 and E.
  • Brazil nuts are rare and low temperature dried, preserving the delicate enzymes and nutritional content.

Product Specification

Packing Size1 Kg
Botanical NameBertholletia Excelsa
Sugars2.33 G
Protein14.32 G
Fat66.43 G
Energy2,743 KJ
Minimum Order Quantity1 Kilogram

Prices of Brazil Nuts

$550.00-$850.00/ Metric Ton

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