Bordetella Vaccine Cost

Vaccines are designed to help protect your dog against a variety of diseases that can cause severe symptoms or even death. Whether you’re introducing a puppy or an adult dog to your family, it’s a great idea to be aware of what vaccinations and boosters they’ll need, based on their current health, age, where you live, and what’s required by law to protect your dog, other pets, and people. 

How many vaccines do dogs need and which are really needed? Well, your veterinarian can help you figure out which shots would be most beneficial and other steps to take to keep your companion as healthy as possible. After all, just like humans, every canine is one-of-a-kind! To give you a general idea of what to expect when it comes to dog vaccinations—and how you can save money when it’s time to give your furry friend their shots—we’ve created this easy guide. 


This highly infectious bacterium causes severe fits of coughing, whooping, vomiting, and, in rare cases, seizures and death. It is the primary cause of kennel cough. There are injectable and nasal spray vaccines available. If you plan on boarding your puppy in the future, attending group training classes, or using dog daycare services, often proof of this vaccination will be a requirement.

Features of Bordetella Vaccine

The Bordetella vaccine will fight kennel cough, a viral infection that affects the animal’s’ respiratory system and commonly leads to pneumonia.  The Bordetella vaccine is one of the common vaccines administered when dogs come in for their routine vaccinations. The bordetella vaccine will prevent Kennel cough, commonly caused by several viral species such as the coronavirus and canine adenovirus.  With the help of the Bordetella vaccine, the immune system will release antibodies to counteract viruses in the dog’s body.

The Bordetella vaccine will prevent Kennel cough, one of the most common viral canine infections that typically leads to pneumonia. The bordetella vaccine is a routine vaccination for dogs when they come into your local veterinarian’s office and it helps release antibodies in order to counteract viruses within the dog’s body.

Benefits of Bordetella Vaccine

This essential kennel cough vaccine for dogs gets its name from the Bordetella bacteria, which causes kennel cough. It is a highly contagious bacteria that will latch onto any mammal that crosses its path. Transmission of the bacteria is made easy through aerosol or particles in the air, just like the common cold or coronaviruses in humans. In this day and age, we all can understand that comparison.

Kennel cough is more detrimental to animals or humans with a diminished immune system. Bordetella bacteria rarely act alone; they would instead prefer to accompany a potent virus, like parainfluenza, adenovirus, or distemper attacking the respiratory system. It makes their job easier.

Bordetella Vaccine Side Effects

The main side effect of the injectable Bordetella vaccine is pain around the site where the injection was given. After the nasal Bordetella vaccine, dogs may have some minor side effects including sneezing and reverse sneezing.

These symptoms should resolve a few days after vaccination, and if they don’t, I recommend contacting your veterinarian. As with any vaccine, there is a risk for severe vaccine reactions, although they are uncommon with the Bordetella vaccine. If you notice your dog has difficulty breathing, facial swelling, or hives after receiving a vaccine, you should get emergency veterinary care as soon as possible.

Prices of Bordetella Vaccine

$25. 15 – $69.00

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