Biodegradable Fishing Lures

Biodegradable Fishing Lures Bio Bait is infused with fish oil during production so the scent last as long as the bait. No more dipping your lures in scent just to be lost after the first cast. Bio Bait never dries up and only smells better the longer it’s in the water. Open up a pack of the industry standard and then give Bio Bait a smell. Bio Baits scent is infused in our secret sauce to attract fish, not to mask the unnatural smell of the industry standard plastics.  

shing Lures Baits 4 inch 5Pcs for Bass Multi Jointed Swimbaits Slow Sinking Bionic Swimming Lures Bass Freshwater Saltwater Bass Fishing Lures(with Free Tackle Box)Inlcudes crankbaits, minnow lures, poppers, lipless fishing lures, 2 sharp stainless steel treble hooks, 1.6 to 3.7 inches, 3g to 8g, Gravity Ball Inside. Sharp stainless steel hooks, 3D lifelike eyes, high resolution body detail, it works lifelike, more efficient to attracting fishes. Wide Range of Use – fishing baits include Minnow, Popper, Crank, VIB. Vivid color plastic fishing lures will attract both freshwater and saltwater fishes including bass, trout, salmon, walleye, spike and more in lake ponds,sea etc.

Features of Biodegradable Fishing Lures:

  • Lifelike Swimbait – Designed with eight segmented body sections, fishing lures deliver a natural S-shaped swimming action at any speed, affording an incredibly flexible bend to deliver extra action. Makes it a prime target for hungry fish.
  • Multi Jointed Body – Constructed with a tough ABS plastic body that is supported by ultra strong mesh woven fabric, which will bring you an ultimate fishing experience.
  • Mustad Hooks – Rigged with 2 super sharp treble hooks, high durability and flexibility in saltwater and freshwater.
  • Artificial Bait – 3D printing body with perfect pearl powder coating. Brilliantly replicates color and patterns of actual bait fish.
  • Widely targeting at predator fishes such as bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, muskie, roach, trout, etc. Suitable for saltwater and freshwater. Wonderful lures for new anglers and experienced anglers.

Uses/benefits of Biodegradable Fishing Lures:

Position:Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Beach Fishing,Lake,Reservoir Pond,Stream


Material: ABS

Biological simulation modeling of bionic multi-node lure bait deeply attracts fish

S-shaped swimming posture is flexible and controllable to quickly attract target fish under water

Multiple colors can be selected to suit different waters

Realistic appearance and color throughout the body.

High-resolution body details.

It can be used for a long time.

Product size: 14cm in length

Product weight: 0.03kg

  • Biological simulation modeling of bionic multi-node lure bait deeply attracts fish
  • Multiple colors can be selected to suit different waters


Manufacturer Part NumberGSJS5-NP
Assembled Product Weight0.11243562 lb
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)0.25 x 7.00 x 5.00 Inches

Prices of Biodegradable Fishing Lures:

$11.92 – $56.00

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