Planning on round baling hay? Well, you’re going to need a tractor. The type of tractor that you’ll want will depend on the size of your operation and how much hay you plan to bale. For example, if you are a small operation (less than 10 acres) or if you just want to make some hay for your own livestock, then a compact tractor will likely be sufficient. If, however, you are running a larger operation and need to bale hundreds or thousands of acres of hay every year, then you may benefit from a larger tractor with more horsepower.

Baling hay is a major operation on any farm where hay is grown and sold. It involves using a tractor to cut and pick up hay, then compacts it into large bales. These bales of hay will be used as feed for livestock on the farm or sold to other farms that have livestock.

It’s important to get a tractor that can handle baling hay because it is such a labor-intensive process. In this article, we’re going to discuss the best tractors for round baling hay.

Which Is the Best Tractor For Round Baling Hay?

Best Tractor For Round Baling Hay

If you’re looking for a tractor that can handle your hay-baling project, there are many options. We’ve reviewed Yanmar Model YMRB44 and Kubota Model YMRB32, as well as Abriatta’s M60 Mini/S and SFI THB1070. All of these models offer unique benefits for hay farmers. But which one is right for your operation? Read on to find out.

Kubota Model YMRB32

For many farmers, round baling hay is an essential part of their operation. But a square baler isn’t as simple as it sounds. The square bale can weigh more than 100 pounds each and must be piled up somewhere. And a Kubota Model YMRB32 round baler is built for tractors under 30 horsepower. The tractor has a drawbar connection that runs out to the side of the tractor, which improves visibility and prevents hay from getting hung up on the tractor. This is particularly useful if you have a short tractor.

Unlike square balers, mini round balers require only 15 horsepower and are easier to pull. Mini round balers also have fewer parts, making them safer on hills and suited to smaller farms. Compared to square balers, mini round balers weigh as little as 40 pounds and take up only a small amount of space. For this reason, they’re often the best choice for a small farmer looking to save space.

Yanmar Model YMRB44

A tractor with a PTO is the most ideal machine for round baling hay. A model with a high horsepower output will ensure consistent results. If you don’t want to purchase a tractor with a high horsepower output, you can opt for a belt rake. These machines are lightweight and can be fitted on four-wheel tractors. They are usually made in Italy or Japan. While many baler brands are readily available, only a few are imported to North America. If you’re looking for a reliable machine that is not expensive, consider contacting a dealer located several states away.

While there are many other brands of tractors for round baling hay, a Yanmar Model YMRB44 is one of the most popular. Its compact design makes it easy to maneuver and allows for an uncomplicated operation. This tractor also has a powerful engine, which allows it to handle the large drawbar and baler. This tractor also has a powerful baler that can be used to make square bales.

For a smaller tractor, a Model YMRB32 round baler may be a good option. This tractor can make three-foot-by-three-foot round bales, and it can weigh up to 500 pounds. If you’re looking for a tractor that can make medium-sized round bales, you might consider a front-end loader or a 3-point hit-mounted bale spear. Another popular round baling tractor is the SFI THB1070. It produces bales of up to 60 pounds in weight, and is very compact and lightweight.

Abriatta’s M60 Mini/S

The M60 MINI/S square baler from ABBRIATA has a 34×44 cm chamber and weighs 850 kg. It features a maximum bale width of 95 cm and a pick-up length of 95 cm. Its minimum drive power is 20 to 25 CV. This baler is best suited for smaller areas and narrow access routes. It is available in two models, the MINI and the SUPERsquare.

The Abriatta M50 is a smaller version of the M60. This model is available from GoodwinConcepts and can be used with many subcompact tractors. The M50 can produce bales up to 100 pounds, but the amount will vary based on the forage, moisture content, and how tightly the bales are rolled. It also has an optional hay rake.

Another option is the M60 Mini/S, which offers the advantages of both types. The M60 Mini/S is designed for compact tractors. This model has a wider pickup than the M60 and is equivalent to the M60. It can be pulled by a compact tractor with 15 horsepower at the PTO. Alternatively, the M60 Mini/S is available in a larger model.

SFI’s THB1070

Small and compact tractors can also pull the SFI THB1070 Round Baling Hay Traktor, which can produce up to 300 bales per hour. Both models are powered by tractors with at least 15 horsepower at the PTO. If a compact tractor isn’t suitable, consider the Abriatta M60 Super, which is equivalent to the THB1070 but can be pulled by a smaller tractors.

The THB1070 Round Baling Hay Traktor is suitable for smaller farms and ranches. Its size is ideal for a small farm, but it can be easily used in larger farms. The THB1070 Round Baling Hay Tractor is available in two different models: the THB1070 has a capacity of 1,700 pounds, while the THB1071 has a higher horsepower capacity at 13 PTO horsepower.

Depending on the size of your farm and the amount of hay you’re putting up, you can purchase a small-scale hay baler for as little as $8000. Small-scale hay balers usually cost between $20000 and $30000, depending on the model and the number of acres being plowed. The SFI THB1070 Round Baling Hay Tractor is one of the most economical ways to process hay and is perfect for home use.

The THB1070 Round Baling Hay Traktor can produce large-sized bales of up to five feet in diameter. A typical bale can weigh up to 1,200 pounds, depending on the type of forage and the moisture content. In addition, it’s also easy to operate and has an excellent reputation among small and commercial hay baling equipment users. It is also compatible with most subcompact tractors.

SFI’s THB1071

SFI’s THB1071 Round-Baling Hay Tractor is a compact square baler that is compatible with a subcompact tractor. This model produces bales up to 50 inches in diameter, and it requires at least 13 PTO horsepower. Its compact design is also compatible with many subcompact tractors. The weight of each bale can range from 10 to 60 pounds.

This round-baling hay tractor is made for producing 40 to 60-pound bales. It can be attached to a small grillo or BCS two-wheel tractor. The M60 Mini/S can produce bales that weigh up to 60 pounds and are up to five feet wide. The M60 Mini/S model is suitable for many subcompact tractors, but the smaller THB1071 model costs more than its equivalent capacity round baler.

This tractor can connect to a round baler with a drawbar connection. The drawbar connection is ideal for smaller farmers because it’s much easier to connect and doesn’t require lifting the baler off the ground. A drawbar connection is also a great option for smaller farms because the baler will not hang over the tractor when turning a corner. Many tractors can’t lift this weight, and aren’t designed to.

The THB1071 is compatible with tractors under 30 horsepower. It can produce well-managed bales within a short time. The tractor’s drawbar and baler must be able to handle the weight of the baler. A Kubota tractor coupled with a Vermeer baler is an excellent choice. Its compact size makes it a great value. Besides, it is easy to use and produces manageable bales.

Abriatta’s M60 Super

The Abbriatta M60 Super for round baling hay has a wide pickup and is designed to work with many subcompact tractors. The machine produces 100-pound bales, depending on the moisture content of the forage and how tightly the bales are rolled. This machine is ideal for working in smaller spaces with narrow access routes. Its wide pickup and compact design make it easy to transport and operate.

The Abriatta M60 Super for round baling hay is a smaller, less expensive machine for smaller farms. The M60’s 55-inch pickup width means you can make larger windrows and make fewer trips across the field. With a maximum speed of 400 bales per hour, the M60 can produce the maximum tonnage possible in a given period of time. Compared to traditional round balers, its square bales are easy to handle and weigh about 40 pounds.

The compact square hay baler is a good choice for smaller farms. It produces bales up to 52 inches in diameter and requires up to 30 PTO horsepower. Designed for medium-sized farms, the THB1070 and THB1071 produce bales about six feet by eight feet in size. They can also produce smaller bales, ranging from 10 to 60 pounds.

In conclusion,

When you’re looking for a tractor for round baling hay, there are a few things you should consider. The first is the size of tractor that you need for your operation. Do you have a small farm or do you tend to large fields? What kind of horsepower will your tractor need to be most helpful in your typical baling jobs?

Another important consideration is what kind of tires you want on your tractor. Some farmers prefer an all-steel rim, while others like to use rubber tires that are puncture-resistant.

The final consideration is the type of transmission that’s best for your farming needs. A hydrostatic transmission might work well for baling hay, but it’s not as good for plowing or hauling heavy loads.

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