Beetal Goat Price

Beetal goat is one of the high milk productive goat breed of India. It is one of the best dual-purpose goat breed which originated in the Punjab region of India. This breed also available in Pakistan Punjab region.  The length and weight attract people to buy it. This goat breed easily achieves 100 kg in just 18 months.  Beetal is becoming popular everywhere in India because of its weight and height. This Goat breed is also known from the Punjabi Goat The specialty of this goat breed is it can survive in any environment and every region of India. Now you can get this in the North, south, west region of India. The availability of this goat is everywhere. The Beetal or Punjabi goat is mainly used for Crossbreeding with the other goats to increase the productivity of other goats. the lifespan of this Goat breed is 12 to 15 years.


This Goat breed found easily in the Punjab region of India, this goat breed is also known from the name Punjabi goat. currently, this breed Spread in whole India because people love this Goat because it is the only goat that achieves 48-inch height. The People of India Love the good height of goats. because of their large height, it achieves very good weight in a short period of time.


The main characteristic of this goat breed is that it is the dual-purpose goat breed which gives high milk and meat to their owner. It is one of the goat that has a high selling price. The high price is because it achieves very good weight and height in a short period of time. The 2-year-old Punjabi Beetal  (4 teeth) has a height of around 40 to 42 inches. Some of beetal has height up to 46 to 48 inches. Which is very huge and can’t be seen in any other goat in the world.

The eyes of this goat are in oval shape or white in color and the long pendulous ears giveThe main coat color of  goat breed is black and it is also available in Brown, a mixture of white and brown, the mixture of weight and black.


These. beetal goat are a very lean meat, so it takes care to not overcook the cuts. Experts recommend that they are cooked medium-rare to medium as a premium steak would be cooked. Products such as these are very low in calories, fat and cholesterol and are high in proteins and iron. Due to the ideal pH balance of these items, the meats won’t attract harmful bacteria like salmonella and E.coli, making these a healthy and tasty option.

Product Specification

BreedBeetal Goat
Weight (kilogram)30 to 80

Beetal Goat Price


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