Beetal Goat Baby Price

The Beetal goat is a breed from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan is used for milk and meat production. It is similar to the Jamnapari goat and the Malabari goat.  It is also known as Lahori goat; it is considered to be a good milker with large body size. Ears are flat long curled and drooping. The skin of these goats is considered to be of high quality because of its large size and its yielding of fine leather such as velour, suede, and chamois for manufacturing clothes, shoes, and gloves. Beetal goats have been widely used for improvement of local goats throughout the subcontinent. These goats are also adapted to stall feeding, thus are preferred for intensive goat farming.


A large goat breed with a short, lustrous coat and long, hanging ears, 10–18 in. (25–45 cm) long. The prominent nasal bridge gives a distinct Roman nose that is profound in some lines, although bite should remain aligned. The Roman nose is more pronounced in males, ending abruptly. Both sexes have horns, although there are some individuals. Horns are small and thick, lying horizontally backwards, close to the body, sometimes with a slight twist. Teats are funnel-, tube-, or bottle-shaped, rarely the conical teats favored among breeders. Males have a dewlap (loose skin under neck). Neither sex has a beard.


Coloring: Black, brown, red, or white, sometimes pied, spotted, or mottled. Different pure strains bear characteristic coloring:

  • Faisalabadi: mainly black or red with white markings;
  • Makhi-Cheeni: white with red/gold speckles or golden with white speckles;
  • Kali-Cheeni: white with black speckles;
  • Nagri: dark brown with black extremities;
  • Nuqri: white with pink skin.


Productivity: Does are prolific breeders, averaging 1.66 kids per litter, kidding yearly from about 17 months old. They produce 2–6 pints per day (1–3 liters), averaging 3.8 pints (1.8 liters) for 150–170 days (averaging 161). They are productive for 4–6 lactations, yielding 330–660 lb. (150–300 kg) per year with 5% butterfat. Males are taken for meat at 3–12 months old.

Adaptability: Well-adapted to the dry conditions and tropical climate of the Punjab. They are heat tolerant and cope with local extremes of temperature, from 35ºF in winter to about 108ºF in summer (2ºC–42ºC). They cope well with the varying climates of India and Pakistan.

Product Specification

BreedBeetal Goat
Weight (kilogram)30 to 80

Beetal Goat Baby Price


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