Battery Cage Price. battery cage Small farmers make themselves, for 100 birds or 200 birds, even less, they bought wire mesh, feeding and drinking tough to assemble simple battery poultry cage 2.battery cage made in Local, Cage suppliers own shop and simple factory, cutting wire mesh and buying feeding drinking trough to assemble battery cage, normally last for 2 or 3 years, the disadvantage is easy to rusting because of low quality of wire mesh
3.battery cage imported, Made in China, India or Euro, different shape, fittings and structure. Price is big difference based on their quality, now more and more farmers like Chinese cage, it is more economical and highly cost effective, but we could not say all Chinese suppliers are same level, you should polish your my eyes, there are cheaters all over the world.


1.Strong and durable – high strength welded mesh with solid solder joint;
2.Corrosion protection – electro or hot dipped galvanized optional;
3.Long service life – up to 10 to 30 years lifetime;
4.Increased density of bottom fabric – prevent the chicken feet from malformation or tiredness;
5.Unique cage door design – up and down sliding door, or left and right sliding door;
6.Easy to assemble and use – no need professional technicians;
7.Excellent natural ventilation environment – more fresh air on all tier;
8.Land & Space Saving – Centralized management, saving the land resource;
9.No chicken manure on eggs – keep the eggs from dirt;
10.Eggs won’t be broken or fall out – improving egg production of battery hens
11.Reduce the waste of feed – saving your expenses.


Product NameH Type Layer CageProduct NameA Type Layer Cage
MaterialHot Dip Galvanized SteelMaterialHot Dip Galvanized Steel
Tiers3/4/5/6/8 TiersTiers3/4 Tiers
Capacity180/240/300/360/544 Birds/SetCapacity96/128 Birds/Set
Size2250mm*600mm*430mm /2400mm*700mm*520mm Size1870mm*370mm*370mm
Area of per Chicken450cm2/494cm2Area of per Chicken432 cm2
Raising Quantity>20,000Raising Quantity10,000-20,000
SupportingSystemAutomatic Egg Collection System,Automatic Feeding System,Automatic Drinking System, Automatic Manure Cleaning System,Environment Control System.


FULL AUTOMATED CAGES (10,000 capacity) $24,301.34 -$45,301.34
SEMI AUTOMATED CAGES –  $ 297.4600 – $ 400.4600


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