The Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand comes in black with a white plastic stand that supports the entire piece. It is made from high-quality wood, which will last for years to come if properly cared for. It measures 24 inches wide by 48 inches long by 19 inches tall; this makes it perfect for any size tank you may have!

The Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand is a rust-resistant, durable aquarium stand that is ideal for the home aquarium. This stand has a sturdy base and can support up to 50 pounds of water weight. It is made entirely of stainless steel and features a powder-coated finish. The Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand comes with everything you need to assemble it, including nuts, bolts, and screws.

Available in black or espresso

Both colors are extremely popular, so don’t worry. If you have a preference for one aesthetic over the other, we recommend you go with your gut. We’re all about trusting your instincts. Whatever color you choose, however, just be aware that it won’t be available in any other colors.

Made with metal

The metal frame of this stand is made out of steel and then covered in a rust-resistant powder coat finish. The steel base has a durable structure that can support up to 40 gallons, while the strong metal frame offers a reliable holding space for your aquarium.

Features a cabinet-like design

The Aquatic Fundamentals stand features a cabinet-like design that is meant to provide you with plenty of storage space. This is an ideal feature for people who do not know what they’re doing when it comes to taking care of fish, or people who want to hide the evidence from their children. This design also contrasts with other aquarium stands that are just rectangular bases without any doors. Aquariums are generally messy, so having somewhere to store all your fish supplies can be very helpful if you don’t want the room where you keep your fish tank to look like a mad scientist’s lair. The enclosed space in this aquarium stand means you can put whatever you want inside it, including items such as filters and food that are necessary for keeping your pets alive and healthy. It can also be used in conjunction with a canopy (a wooden or metal enclosure placed on top of the aquarium).

The finish is safe for freshwater and saltwater aquariums

The finish of the stand is safe for all types of aquariums, including both fresh and saltwater. The stand is made with high-quality metal and features two color options – black and oak.

In addition to being safe for all fish tanks, this stand can also hold any size aquarium you choose from a 10-gallon tank to a 75-gallon tank. It can also be used in conjunction with a canopy or other accessories if you want to further customize your new fish tank setup.

Holds 20, 29, 40, and 55-gallon tanks

This stand can hold a 20-gallon, 29-gallon, 40-gallon, or 55-gallon tank—but it is not designed for long or tall tanks. You can purchase the Aquatic Fundamentals Aquarium Stand from PetSmart.

Standard size tanks only, no long or tall tanks are supported by this stand

This product does not support long or tall aquariums. Please note, this stand is for standard size tanks only, no long or tall tanks are supported by this stand. If you have a 70-gallon tank, please make sure its dimensions are 48″L x 12″W x 20″H (or less).


The price of this aquarium stand is $89.99.

Can be used as a stand-alone piece or in conjunction with the Aquatic Fundamentals matching canopy

The Aquatic Fundamentals aquarium stand can be used as a stand-alone piece or in conjunction with its matching canopy. The canopy (sold separately) will fit the aquarium stand perfectly, and is made of wood with a hinged front door with a plastic screen and comes in black or espresso.

This simple aquatic fish tank stand is rust-resistant and can hold tanks of different sizes.

This simple stand is made with metal, and the design is quite similar to that of a cabinet. The stand comes in black or espresso colors. It can hold 20, 29, 40, and 55-gallon tanks.

The stand is rust-resistant and makes it easy to keep your aquarium setup clean with its removable panels. It’s also compatible with canopy tops to provide you with some storage options for things like food, water conditioners, and medications for your fish. This item does not support long or tall tanks as it’s more suited for short tanks that aren’t very wide.

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