Animal Feed Pellet Machine

Animal Feed Pellet Machine Working principle of Pelletizing machine, Pelletizing machine is one of the biomass molding equipment. It can make powdered flour maize ,oil cake etc into pellets. The starting materials for the production of pellets are pressed by the pressing roller in the matrix. Due to the pressure and friction in the matrix, the starting materials are heated to a high temperature (nearly 60~80 °C). As a result of pressure and temprerature increasing, the materials were compressed into pellets.

The output pellets will have very high strength after cooling\ Feed pelletizing machine Feed pelletizing machine is mainly used for making animal feed pellets. Corn, bean pulp, straw, grass, rice husk, alfalfa, wheat stalk, ect. Applicable industry: aquiculture, poultry feed making plant, stock farm, poultry farm, ect. There are two kinds of feed pelletizing machine: ring die & flat die. When looking at any machine it is crucial to consider effectiveness and efficiency because this will weigh heavily on the economic viability of using the machine for production. This assessment holds true for an animal feed pellet maker whose efficiency needs to be measured in order to cater for the required output levels.

Uses/benefits of Animal Feed Pellet Machine:

  • .Animal feed pellet machine has simple structure, wide adaptability, small floor space and low noise.
  • 2.Powdered feed and grass meal can be pelletized without or a little liquid addition, so the moisture content of pellet feed is basically the moisture content of the material before pelleting, which is more conducive to storage.
  • 3.Pellet feeds for chickens, ducks, fish, etc. can obtain higher economic benefits than mixed powder feeds.
  • 4.Dry feed can be processed, and the produced feed pellets have high hardness and smooth surface, which can improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Features of Animal Feed Pellet Machine:

  • The roller and main shaft bearings of small feed pellet machine adopt whole sealing design to ensure no leakage pollution from bearing and lubricating oil. The bearing service life is longer and saves the maintaining time.
  • The flat die of feed pellet machine is made by alloy steel and with forging process. After the vacuum heat treatment, it is wear-resisting and with high hardness to ensure lone service life.
  • The die hole is processed by full-automatic CNC drill. The processing accuracy is high and the finish degree is good, which can increase the production rate and reduce the production cost.
  • The reducer gearbox adopts hypoid bevel gear for high transmission efficiency and stable transmission. It features high carrying capacity, reliable performance and compact structure, wearing-resisting. It saves energy, materials and space. It has long life span and low noise.

Specification :

Capacity150-160 kg per hr
MaterialStainless Steel
Automation GradeSemi Automatic
I Deal InNew Only
Power SourceElectric

Prices of Animal Feed Pellet Machine:

$799.00 – $20,580.00

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