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The American Fuzzy Lop is a breed of domesticated rabbit that is very similar to the Holland Lop. It’s a wooly rabbit similar to Angora rabbits with slightly shorter fur. It’s the result of an attempt by breeders to create a multicolor Holland Lop, which up to that point only displayed solid colors. The American Fuzzy Lop comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns and has floppy ears that hang down on the side of its head.

If you think that the American Fuzzy Lop looks similar to the Holland Lop, or even as a smaller version of the Angora rabbit, then you would be correct. There are many suggestions as to how this breed was developed, but the certainty is that, the American Fuzzy Lop is a relative of the Holland Lop. Another theory been that, an occasional long haired Holland Lop would become the result of breeding attempts between the Holland Lop and the Angora rabbit, either way the American Fuzzy Lop is now certainly a breed of its own.


American Fuzzy Lop rabbits were developed by the offspring of pure Holland Lop breeding’s which carry a wool gene which had been introduced English Spots to Hollands for the purpose of creating a broken pattern; then adding an additional cross to French Angora’s, to correct the fur to its originally intended type. As these offspring of pure Hollands continued being bred, the wool gene became recessive, causing about 25%, theoretically, of liters to have long, fibrous, wool type fur. As these continued being produced, some breeders found them desirable, while others did not. As such, the ones who liked this “fuzzy” wool induction and seeing the marketing qualities of this, began working on breeding them together, to strengthen those genes.

A few years later, Patty Greene-Kark made the first presentation for a new rabbit breed recognition at the 1985 ARBA National Convention, in Houston, Texas. From that point, after several other trials and errors and successes, the breed passed and was granted recognition by ARBA in 1988, in Madison, Wisconsin.


The American Fuzzy Lop rabbit is energetic and loves to play. It enjoys being around family members and is a great pet for small children. It’s a social animal that will allow you to pet it and carry it around. It likes to play with toys, like a plastic ball or a piece of wood and can entertain itself for hours. You can find the American Fuzzy Lop rabbit in all of the standard rabbit colors like brown, chocolate, lavender, black, fawn, and white. It also has many color patterns like Agouti, pointed, and several broken or spotty patterns. It usually has brown eyes, but you can also find them with ruby red or blue eyes. The fur of the American Fuzzy Lop rabbit is a type of wool usually about 2 inches long and very soft. You can spin it into yarn to make clothing if you have the skills.


Species Name:Oryctolagus cuniculus
Care Level:Easy
Temperature:All climates
Temperament:Active, friendly
Color Form:Agouti, chinchilla, chestnut, lynx, opal
Lifespan:5–8 years
Diet:Grass, hay, pellets
Minimum Tank Size:6’ L x 2’ W x 2’ H
Cage Set-Up:Litter tray, feeding bowl, water bottle
Compatibility:Most other pets

American Fuzzy Lop Price

 $100 -$200.

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