American Chinchilla Rabbit Cost

The Chinchilla rabbit breed originated in France, and its development is credited to Monsieur M. J. Dybowski, a French Engineer, farmer, and rabbit breeder, in the late 1800s. He produced many litters of rabbits that he sold along the quays of the Marche aux Oiseaux, (the popular river market areas), of Paris, France; where he was nicknamed ‘Le Bonhomme Chinchilla’ (the Chinchilla Rabbit guy). To his surprise, one day he discovered a different color of rabbit in one of his litters. This rabbit was unlike other wild ‘agouti’ colored rabbits in the litter, which normally had Lush (dark slate blue undertones), Tan, Black, and White-tipped fur.

This rabbit appeared to be missing half of its color and instead of the typical wild dark agouti color it had a silvery-pearl glint within its fur. The color was almost identical to the color of the South American chinchilla (a type of rodent); so it was called the Chinchilla Rabbit. FACT: The usual wild rabbit ‘Chestnut Agouti’ coloring occurs from a Rufus Red or Tan sheen underneath the dark tipping. Although M.J. Dybowski was credited with creating the first Chinchilla breed of rabbit, he didn’t invent the Chinchilla color; but he certainly developed the Standard Chinchilla breed through selective breeding, and raised awareness of the breed and made it a popular rabbit choice in France.


The Chinchilla rabbit is a gentle and docile breed of rabbit that originated in France in the late 1800s. It was initially bred for its meat and pelt for the fur industry and is a domestic rabbit. It has very soft and silky fur and gets its name from the Chinchilla (a South American Rodent), because of the similarity of their fur. Sometimes this breed of rabbit is confused with other similar chinchilla rabbit breeds, and the different names used for those breeds, such as:

  • The Large American Chinchilla Rabbit,
  • The Standard Chinchilla Rabbit,
  • American Chinchilla Rabbit,
  • Heavy Weight Chinchilla Rabbit,
  • Giant Chinchilla Rabbit
  • and the Giganta Chinchilla Rabbit (the Gigantic one)

Three Types of Chinchilla Rabbits

Many people assume that Chinchilla rabbits must be related to the cute little Chinchillas that resemble squirrels; however, that is not the case.

Chinchillas are actually rodents, and rabbits, even Chinchilla rabbits, are categorized as lagomorphs. There are officially three types of Chinchilla rabbits: 

  • The Standard Chinchilla (the smallest).
  • The American Chinchilla (the middle size).
  • The Giant Chinchilla (the largest).

American Chinchilla Rabbit Characteristics

It is a large breed and has a medium build compact body. It has short neck and fairly broad head with short, erect ears. It has a very soft, silky coat of dense and medium length hair. Most of the Chinchillas have agouti coloring, where the hairs have different color bands along their length. The tips of the hair is grey, the middle color band is pearl and the undercolor (next to the skin) is dark slate blue. Black ticking are unevenly distributed over most of the body. The belly, neck, flanks and eye circles of the American Chinchilla rabbit have pale, pearl ticking and the ears are laced with black. Average body weight of the American Chinchilla rabbit is about 4-5.5 kg.


This rabbit breed was mainly bred to be a meat and fur producing breed. But today it is mainly kept for meat production rather than fur, due to the demise of the rabbit fur industry during the late 1940s. The breed is very suitable for commercial rabbit farming. American Chinchillas are very hardy, docile, good natured and very gentle rabbit breed. They are good breeders, with an average litter of 6-9 kits. The does produce large litters and have good mothering instincts

The bunnies grow faster and reach market weight quickly. The Chinchilla rabbit has contributed to the development of more breeds and varieties of rabbit worldwide than any other breed of domestic rabbit. It is a very suitable breed for commercial meat production. And their meat to bone ratio is very good. On average these rabbit’s lifespan is between 5 and 8 years

American Chinchilla Rabbit Cost

$40.00 – $175.00 

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