Allergy Shots For Dogs

One of the advantages of the oral treatment Apoquel is that it’s nonsteroidal and takes effect quickly. Apoquel targets specific cytokines (proteins) that lead to itch and inflammation. It comes in tablet form and is given daily, providing relief for 24 hours. Apoquel cannot be used for dogs under one year or breeding, pregnant, or lactating dogs. Apoquel side effects are reportedly rare (less than 1 dog out of 10,000 treated), but may include vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, anorexia, or blood work changes. Apoquel has been safely used with other common medications such as antibiotics, parasiticides and vaccinations. Your vet, with your input, can determine if Apoquel might be right for your pet. 

The advantage of Cytopoint is that one injection can start controlling your pet’s itching usually within a day, and can provide relief that lasts for 4 to 8 weeks. It’s safe to use in dogs of any age and can be used with various medications. Cytopoint will not put pressure on your pet’s liver or kidney because it is not chemical-based. Instead, it’s an antibody that blocks the itch signal in your pets nervous system. As with Apoquel, side effects are reportedly rare, but your vet will determine if this medication is right for your particular fuzzy family member.  

Benefits of Allergy Shots For Dogs

CYTOPOINT is a safe, effective, long-lasting treatment to help control itch due to atopic dermatitis. It is an injection that is given by your veterinarian that targets itch at its source.

CYTOPOINT works like your dog’s own immune system. It is specifically designed to target and neutralize one of the main proteins that send itch signals to your dog’s brain that triggers scratching, licking, and chewing. CYTOPOINT blocks signals that trigger environmental allergic itch, so the constant scratching can stop so the skin has a chance to heal. In fact, in a study, CYTOPOINT helped damaged skin begin to heal within 7 days.1

Features of Allergy Shots For Dogs

If an allergy is to blame, it probably falls into one of three categories, according to Dr. Scott Miller, who recently completed an internship in small animal dermatology at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana. The options are flea allergic dermatitis, food allergies, and environmental allergies, also called “atopy” and “atopic dermatitis.”

“Flea allergy is considered the most common allergy affecting dogs, though that varies based on geography,” says Dr. Miller. “For example, fleas do not survive well in the Southwest. Environmental allergies are more common there. Food allergies are less common. When they do occur, these allergies are most often tied to a specific protein source, such as chicken or beef, rather than to a grain, like corn or rice. Flea and food allergies are both fairly straightforward to treat. Got fleas? Control the fleas. Food allergy? Attempt to avoid that food.

Side effect of Allergy Shots For Dogs

The manufacturer claims Cytopoint is similar to treating atopy with steroids without the potentially dangerous side effects. The treatment is naturally broken down and recycled by the body, avoiding excretion by the kidneys and liver like most medications, especially steroids. If these reviews hold up in rigorous real-world usage, that’s a huge breakthrough in my book.

If your dog suffers from atopic dermatitis, it’s worth asking your veterinarian about this new treatment prior to allergy season. In clinical trials, about 70% to 80% of pet parents reported less itching and scratching, especially during the first four weeks. These initial results are encouraging; I’m eager to see how the treatment works in larger populations of dogs under diverse environmental conditions. If Cytopoint performs as well as claimed, this could be a game changer in the management of canine atopic dermatitis.

Mode of action

Cytopoint works like your dog’s own immune system. It is specifically designed to target and neutralize one of the main proteins that send itch signals to your dog’s brain that triggers scratching, licking, and chewing.

  • Blocks signals that trigger allergic itch
  • Relieves signs of itch such as scratching and licking
  • Allows red, irritated skin to heal

Prices of Allergy Shots For Dogs


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