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According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, strawberries are free of fat (contain less than 0.5 g fat per 140 g strawberries), sodium and cholesterol. They’re also a good source of fiber and are high in vitamin C and folate.We’ve provided the details above for information purposes only, to enhance your experience of the Aldi website. We’ve tried our best to make sure everything is accurate, but you should always read the label before consuming or using the product. It’s also worth remembering that our products and their ingredients are liable to change at any time. If you need any specific information about any of our Aldi-branded products, please get in touch with our friendly Customer Services team.

At Aldi, for example, organic blueberries were $3.49 a pint, while at Whole Foods they were $4.49 for a half-pint. Aldi was selling organic bananas for 59 cents a pound while Whole Foods was charging 69 cents a pound (same price as October). Organic strawberries were $4.59 a pound at Aldi; at Whole Foods, $4.99 a pound (50 cents more than they cost when we last checked). Here’s the Amazon wrinkle: Those same organic strawberries were marked down to $2.99 a pound exclusively for Prime members during Whole Foods’ most recent weekly sale.


Aldi vs Walmart – Which Store is Less Expensive? I love both stores honestly. My kids are at the point of their life where they prefer name-brand food for chips and snacks, so I usually go both places.  In this blog post, I attempt to break down some of the most popular weekly grocery items at both stores. I wasn’t able to find direct comparisons to all but got pretty close.  I talk a lot about Aldi on this website – if you’ve been here a while you know I have ALDI meal plans based on Aldi ingredients. In fact, if you want a free meal plan, you can grab that below.

Features of Aldi Strawberries

  • ALDI strawberries are also available as organic
  • Studies show strawberries contain antioxidants that help protect the body from disease, such as cancer, heart disease, mental decline, and diabetes
  • Strawberries are also an excellent source of folic acid, which can help prevent birth defects.
  • The vitamin C in strawberries can help shield your heart from cardiovascular disease
  • View our store locator and find a store near you

Nutrition facts

Amount per serving% Daily Value*
Total Fat 0.5g
Saturated Fat0.023g
Trans Fat0g
Polyunsaturated Fat0.236g
Monounsaturated Fat0.065g
Cholesterol 0.0mg
Sodium 2mg
Total Carbohydrate 11.7g
Dietary Fiber3g
Protein 1g
Vitamin A18.0IU
Vitamin C89.4mg
Vitamin D0.0IU
Vitamin E0.44mg
Vitamin K3.3ug
Vitamin B60.071mg
Vitamin B120.0ug

Prices of Aldi Strawberries

$400.00-$750.00/ Metric Ton

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