The 80 Gallon Aquarium Stand is a durable, easy-to-assemble aquarium stand that is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. It can support up to 80 gallons of water, or 440 pounds. The stand comes with a drip tray and four suction cups for securing the tank to the stand.

The tank itself is made from high-quality acrylic and features black trim around the top edge of the glass. This design helps protect your fish from potential injury and light exposure. The tank also has an adjustable flow wall in each corner to help provide gentle aeration without disturbing your fish.

Description Of 80 Gallon Aquarium Stand

An 80-gallon aquarium stand is a stand that’s designed to hold an 80-gallon aquarium. An 80-gallon aquarium is a large container used for holding water and fish, and it’s often used by people for pets in their homes.

Aquarium stands are sturdy pieces of furniture that are capable of supporting the weight of a full aquarium without tipping over or otherwise collapsing. They’re often made from wood, though some are made from metal or even plastic.

80-gallon aquariums are very large containers used to keep fish and water. They’re much larger than more common aquarium sizes like 10 gallons or 29 gallons, and they can be used to house multiple fish at one time in addition to having room for plants and other decorations underwater. A full 80-gallon tank can have up to 132 pounds of water in it once fully filled up with water.

Types Of 80 Gallon Aquarium Stand

  • Canopy: A canopy’s main function is to cover the aquarium. They are usually made of wood and can be easily slipped over the top of the tank. Some saltwater species like corals, require special lighting to keep them healthy and thriving. This lighting should be shielded from water splashes and condensation, which is something a canopy will do.
  • Hood: The hood on an aquarium is a piece that slips over the edge of the tank and hangs down vertically. It contains special brackets that hold fluorescent lights which work well for freshwater tanks with plants. It also covers any electrical cords or filter attachments so you will have an open top for feeding your fish or cleaning your tank when needed.
  • Aquarium Stand: An aquarium stand is used as storage space or it may be utilized as a place to put your water filtration system or other equipment that you use with your aquarium. Some stands are made out of metal but most are constructed from wood since this material blends in with most room decor and looks more attractive than metal stands do. Wooden stands come in different colors such as oak, maple, cherry, etc., Some people even paint their own wooden stand using acrylic paints so they can match it perfectly with their home decor scheme! These types of 80-gallon aquarium stand products may also come equipped with drawers built into them where you can store small items such as food bowls, brushes, etc.,

Aquariums come in many sizes but bigger tanks require larger stands because they weigh more than smaller ones do so make sure that whatever size stand you buy. It holds up under pressure without breaking apart! Also, consider where your new aquatic addition will go before choosing its dimensions; if there isn’t enough room for both then perhaps it would be better off somewhere else instead.

Specification Of 80 Gallon Aquarium Stand

  • Weight of the aquarium: The weight of an 80-gallon aquarium is around 462 pounds.
  • Weight of the stand: The weight of the stand is around 280 pounds.
  • Dimensions and capacity: The dimensions of this stand are 36 x 18 x 30 ¼ inches, and it has a capacity to hold 250 gallons.
  • Materials used in its construction: 80-gallon fish tank can be made from wood or metal, depending on what you prefer. There are many types that come with different features such as adjustable feet, adjustable shelves, etc so make sure that you choose wisely before making any purchase.* Dimensions and capacity: The dimensions of this stand are 36 x 18 x 30 ¼ inches, and it has a capacity to hold 250 gallons.* Materials used in its construction: 80-gallon fish tank can be made from wood or metal, depending on what you prefer.

Maintenance Of 80 Gallon Aquarium Stand

First, we must understand what requires cleaning. Most of the time when people think about aquarium maintenance they immediately associate that with their fish and tank. This association is completely valid since fish waste and uneaten food are two of the most common causes of an unhealthy aquarium environment. While these two things are probably the most important, there also exist many other places in your aquarium system where organic waste can build up.

Your 80-gallon aquarium stand is another one of these locations where waste can accumulate. This is especially true if it’s used to store some of your aquarium supplies such as fish food, water conditioners, or other chemicals. The accumulation of this waste can have detrimental effects on your 80-gallon aquarium stand such as corrosion or even worse fire.

Clean your 80-gallon aquarium stand at least once every three months to ensure that it is in top condition and that you are not putting yourself or others at risk! Follow these simple steps to thoroughly clean your 80-gallon aquarium stand:

  • Remove everything from inside of your 80-gallon aquarium stand so that you can see all interior surfaces
  • Take a damp cloth or sponge and wipe down all interior surfaces
  • Dry out the interior surface using a dry towel to prevent any water stains from appearing on the wood
  • Place newspaper on the floor around your 80-gallon aquarium stand so that you do not get water everywhere when cleaning the exterior surface
  • Wipe down the exterior surface using a damp cloth or sponge as well but do not forget to dry it afterward using a dry towel!

Price Of 80 Gallon Aquarium Stand

Our smallest option is the 80 Gallon Aquarium Stand, which comes in at just $49. This stand is perfect for smaller tanks, but it can also accommodate larger tanks if you want to add more fish or other sea creatures.

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