7 Way Blackleg Vaccine

Blackleg is a fatal disease of young cattle. It produces an acute local infection, and the resulting blood poisoning leads to rapid death. The name ‘blackleg’ derives from the fact that the site of infection is often a leg muscle, and that the affected muscle is dark in colour. Although the disease is widely distributed in New South Wales, most losses from blackleg occur in the eastern half of the state. In some areas the disease may appear on several properties, while in other areas only isolated farms are affected. Sometimes, only part of a property is affected.

Clostridial vaccines (often referred to as “7-way,” “8-way” or “9-way” vaccines) are some of the most frequently used products in beef cattle production today. While they’re almost automatically included in most beef producers’ preventive medicine programs, many producers may not have taken time to consider the features and attributes of the various clostridial vaccines available today:

Advantages of 7 Way Blackleg Vaccine

  • Proven protection against clostridial diseases
  • Available as both a 3-way or 7-way clostridial, as well as in a combination of 7-way clostridia and Moraxella bovis (pinkeye)
  • Unique DD-2™ adjuvant stimulates a strong immune response
  • BQA compliant for both low dose and subcutaneous guidelines 

Features of 7 Way Blackleg Vaccine

  • Helps prevent eight clostridial diseases (including diseases caused by CI. haemolyticum and CI. perfringens Types B, C and D), which continue to be of economic importance in cattle. Clostridium bacteria are universally present and produce potent toxins that can result in rapid death of otherwise healthy animals.
  • Helps provide comprehensive clostridial protection in one vaccine.
  • Subcutaneous (SC) dose is 5 mL followed by a second dose given four to six weeks later. Annual revaccination with a single dose is recommended.
  • For CI. haemolyticum, repeat the dose every 6 months in animals subject to re-exposure.

Benefits of 7 Way Blackleg Vaccine

  • ALPHA-7/MB-1 is the only single dose, seven-way clostridium vaccine with additional single-dose pinkeye protection
  • ALPHA-7/MB-1 is safe for use in all cattle
  • Formulated with DD-2™ adjuvant, a proprietary adjuvant system
  • Low volume 2-mL dose
  • Sub-Q administration


Currently marketed clostridial vaccines will specify either a 2-milliliter or 5-milliliter dose. It’s extremely important the correct dosage be used. Giving 2 milliliters of a vaccine specifying 5 milliliters may not stimulate enough immunity to be protective. On the other hand, giving 5 milliliters of a vaccine labeled for 2 milliliters may cause excessive swelling and tissue damage at the injection site. Some clostridial vaccines list dosages for sheep as well as cattle; often the sheep dose is lower than the cattle dose. Read vaccine labels carefully before use – especially when using an unfamiliar product.

  • 2 mL administered subcutaneously
  • Booster 21 to 28 days after initial vaccination
  • Annual revaccination required

Prices of 7 Way Blackleg Vaccine

$10.29 – $36.99

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