5 In 1 Lamb Vaccine

Vaccination is essential to the health the lamb from early life, through marking recovery, weaning and set the lamb up for life. When the ewe is vaccinated 4 weeks pre-lambing the maternal antibodies (colostrum) is produced in the udder. When consumed by the lamb in the first 48hrs after birth these specific maternal antibodies protect the lamb from the corresponding diseases for 6-10 weeks. This is essential to protect the lamb from death and illness until their own immune system becomes into full activity.

Lambing marking and weaning are high risk times for weeks afterwards for the lamb to contract an illness, experience reduced production, and death. Correct vaccination according to product label is imperative for effective immunity.

Features of 5 In 1 Lamb Vaccine

  • Ultravac® 5in1 is a breakthrough in 5in1 technology.Zoetis’ unique ultra-filtration process creates a more pure vaccine that stimulates a targeted response by the immune system. This ensures rapid and effective protection against the dangerous clostridial diseases.
  • Ultravac® 5in1 represents a new generation of products. The ultra-filtration of the vaccine means that the recommended dose is 2mL for cattle and 1mL for sheep. This means less fridge space is required and fewer vaccine bottle changes are needed when vaccinating large numbers of stock.

Benefits of 5 In 1 Lamb Vaccine

Multine contains toxoids of Clostridium perfringens (type D); C. septicum; C. tetani; and anacultures of C. novyi (type B) and C. chauvoei. To administer, vaccinate subcutaneously in the anterior (front) half of the neck. The dose rates are: 2mL for sheep and goat, cattle under four months 2mL and for cattle over four months 4mL.

  • 5-in-1 clostridial vaccine for sheep, goats and cattle
  • Protects against pulpy kidney, tetanus, blackleg, black disease and malignant oedema
  • Nil meat withholding period
  • Available in plain and selenised

Dosage and administration

  • Cattle, including calves
    2mL followed by a second dose of 2mL 4 weeks later.
  • Sheep, including lambs
    1mL followed by a second dose of 1mL 4 weeks later.
  • The first vaccination should be given at lamb marking or at 6 weeks of age for calves. A second dose should be given 4 to 6 weeks later. A booster dose given 12 months after the two basic doses of vaccine should confer lifelong immunity against blackleg and tetanus. However, further annual boosters are required to maintain immunity against black disease and malignant oedema.
  • More regular doses may be required to maintain immunity against enterotoxaemia (pulpy kidney). These are best given prior to seasonal challenge and advice from your local veterinarian is recommended.
  • Annual booster doses should be given around four weeks before calving or lambing to ensure that passive immunity is passed onto the new-born calf or lamb via the colostrum (first milk).
  • Vaccine can be used for 30 days after opening providing correct storage instructions are followed.
  • This product can be stored and used for up to 30 days after first opening. On each subsequent reuse, swab the opening with a suitable disinfectant (for example, methylated spirits) both before and after using. A sterile needle must be used each time product is removed. Store unused material upright, at 2°C to 8°C (refrigerated) and in the original cardboard packaging to protect from light.


Pack sizesDose – Cattle 2mLDose – Sheep 1mL
50mL25 Doses50 Doses
100mL50 Doses100 Doses
250mL125 Doses250 Doses
500mL250 Doses500 Doses

Prices of 5 In 1 Lamb Vaccine

$56.00 -$149.50

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