3 In 1 Vaccine Sheep

Vaccination is essential to the health the lamb from early life, through marking recovery, weaning and set the lamb up for life. When the ewe is vaccinated 4 weeks pre-lambing the maternal antibodies (colostrum) is produced in the udder. When consumed by the lamb in the first 48hrs after birth these specific maternal antibodies protect the lamb from the corresponding diseases for 6-10 weeks. This is essential to protect the lamb from death and illness until their own immune system becomes into full activity.

Lambing marking and weaning are high risk times for weeks afterwards for the lamb to contract an illness, experience reduced production, and death. Correct vaccination according to product label is imperative for effective immunity. Vaccinating your lambs should be a standard procedure for producers as the animal health, production and economic benefits are well known. Most producers do it right, but there are some who don’t – exposing their lambs to unnecessary disease risks and themselves to unnecessary economic loss. One area where some producers can improve is the all-important second vaccination for lambs. The recent PIRSA Animal Health sheep producer survey showed that a number of producers are only giving their lambs one vaccination, usually at marking, leaving the lamb with less than optimal immunity.


Glanvac ®3 provides sheep and goats with protection against Cheesy Gland (CLA), tetanus and pulpy kidney. Glanvac® 3 utilises Zoetis’ ultra-filtration technology, which selectively removes unwanted particles during the production process. This allows the vaccine to produce a more targeted immune response in sheep and goats, while providing producers with the convenience of a 1mL dose rate.

Features of 3 In 1 Vaccine Sheep

  • Maintain a high level of disease protection in the breeding flock for the next 12 months.
  • Improve lamb marking percentages by preventing clostridial deaths such as pulpy kidney.
  • Improve wool quality and quantity by protecting against cheesy gland.
  • Improve meat quality through cheesy gland protection, ensuring export and domestic customers receive a quality product.

Benefits of 3 In 1 Vaccine Sheep

  • Prevents two clostridial diseases (pulpy kidney and tetanus)
  • Prevents cheesy gland
  • Contains selenium for the prevention of white muscle disease and unthriftiness in lambs
  • Suitable for use in lambs
  • Only for use in selenium deficient areas

Dosage and administration

  • Inject 1mL subcutaneously on the side of the neck just behind and below the base of the ear.
  • In previously unvaccinated animals of all ages, give a 1mL dose and repeat 4 weeks later.
  • Give a booster dose of 1mL 12 months after the two initial doses to confer lifelong immunity against tetanus.
  • Give all animals annual booster doses within 6 months prior to shearing to control caseous lymphadenitis (CLA).
  • Where possible give the annual booster prior to the time of maximum risk, e.g. transfer to lush pasture or grain feeding in the case of enterotoxaemia.
  • Pregnant ewes: Give previously unvaccinated animals 1mL at the time of mating; repeat at up to 4 weeks before the expected date of birth. Omit the dose at mating in previously vaccinated animals.
  • Vaccinated pregnant ewes will pass on immunity to their lambs in the colostrum; lambs should be protected for the first 6 to 8 weeks of life.
  • This product can be stored and used for up to 30 days after first opening. On each subsequent reuse, swab the opening with a suitable disinfectant (for example, methylated spirits) both before and after using. A sterile needle must be used each time product is removed. Store unused material upright, at 2°C to 8°C (refrigerated) and in the original cardboard packaging to protect from light.

Prices of 3 In 1 Vaccine Sheep

$44.02 – $145.00

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