This 220 Gallon Aquarium Stand is a sturdy and stylish solution for your aquarium. The stand is made of high-quality MDF board and durable resin, which ensures that it can hold all your aquarium accessories in place without any problems.

With its four caster wheels, the stand can be easily moved around the room, making it easy to clean the floor when needed. It also comes with adjustable shelves that allow you to customize their height according to your needs.

The stand has a transparent design, which allows light to penetrate through it and thus provides proper illumination for your fish tank. It features two doors at the front, giving you easy access to all the accessories installed on top of it.

The frame will be around 48″ high and then we’ll have the tank sitting on 4×6 lumber.

We’ll be building the frame out of 2x12s. The frame will be around 48″ high and then we’ll have the tank sitting on 4×6 lumber.

That’s where the 220-gallon aquarium stand is going and this is where it all begins. Yeah, let’s start with cutting the 2x12s down to size.

The middle support will be made up of 2×6 lumber but we need to notch out one side so that it fits into the ends of the other boards nicely.

Next, you will notch out one side of the middle support. This will allow the middle support to fit in between the ends of the other boards nicely. To do this simply use your jigsaw and cut from one end of the board to about halfway across it at an angle, then flip the board over and finish cutting from there (see pictures). You should now have a board that is notched out on only one side.

Next, you will drill a hole in the center of your 2×6 which is notched out. This hole needs to be a bit smaller than the diameter of your wood screws so that when you screw it into place it bites into both sides of your aquarium stand and holds nice and snug. Once you have drilled this hole all that’s left to do is screw in your middle support and you’re all done!

We cut the top pieces to fit inside the outside edges of the top piece and then used waterproof wood glue to stick everything together.

Use your table saw to cut the top pieces to fit inside the outside edges of the top piece. Make sure you measure so that you know everything will fit together properly.

Waterproof wood glue was used between each board to form one large top piece. The boards were clamped together for about 15 minutes and then left alone for a couple of hours (errands, etc.) before flipping and gluing the other side.

Nails were used along with a brad nailer to hold everything together until the glue had dried (about 24 hours).

After adding wood glue to all sides, we used nails and a brad nailer to nail everything together.

Add wood glue to all sides of the frame, then use nails and a brad nailer to nail everything together. To make sure that everything is square and aligned properly, use a mallet or hammer to knock in any nails that are sticking out. Once the frame is nailed together, you can use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges.

With this done, you should now have a solid frame for your aquarium stand!


If you have a tank size of 100 gallons or less, you’re probably looking at spending $250-$300. A 200-gallon stand is going to cost between $350 and $400, and a 300-gallon will run you upwards of $500.


In order to keep your aquarium stand in good condition, you should:

  • Treat the wood with a waterproofing sealant.
  • Fill any cracks or holes with caulk and putty to prevent water damage.
  • Clean regularly to prevent algae growth.
  • Check regularly for signs of rot or decay, and replace any damaged pieces of wood immediately.

To prevent cracking, you can use some waterproof wood glue and add extra screws to the corners. For extra reinforcement, I added 2 more screws per side for a total of 3 screws per corner. This will help prevent cracking down the road if something moves or warps over time.

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