The 20 Gallon Aquarium Cabinet comes with a built-in filtration system, which means you won’t need to purchase and install an additional filter—saving you time and money. It also includes a light fixture with two bright white LED bulbs that can be easily adjusted to provide just the right amount of light for your fish.

The tank itself is made from thick acrylic, which makes it durable and resistant to scratches. The glass door allows you to view your fish without disturbing them while providing excellent visibility so that you can monitor their health at all times. This aquarium has an easy-to-clean bottom access panel that makes cleaning up after maintenance or feeding simple. You can budget about $500 for the 20 Gallon Aquarium Cabinet.

Tank Dimensions: 36″L x 12.5″W x 16.5″H

Length: 36 inches. Width: 12.5 inches. Height: 16.5 inches. These are the exact dimensions of your new aquarium cabinet, the first step in your quest to build a fish-keeping sanctuary in your living space that will be the envy of your friends and family for years to come! (Friends and family who also keep fish, that is. Everyone else might think you’re crazy.) The first thing you’ll notice when opening up this package is that it’s built to hold a 20-gallon long tank, the most common size of tank on the market today, but it may not have occurred to you why this particular size of the tank is so central to aquarist culture. It all comes down to practicality—as a beginner or even an intermediate fishkeeper, a 20-gallon tank is large enough for quite a few small fish or two larger ones like angelfish or gouramis, but small enough for someone with little experience to keep up with cleaning chores on their own schedule with minimal hassle.

Assembled Dimensions: 36″L x 18.25″W x 29.75″H

Assembled Dimensions: 36″L x 18.25″W x 29.75″H

Weight: 86 lbs

Weight: 79 lbs

The 20-gallon aquarium cabinet weighs 79 lbs, in pounds.

Maximum Glass Thickness: 4mm

Aquariums are sometimes made of 3/8″ thick glass, especially those that are 36″ in length or longer, so a cabinet designed to hold a typical aquarium will have panels measuring 3/8″ thick. The thickness of the panels is important because the maximum strength of any given type and size of glass is related to its thickness. For example, aquariums made of 1/4″ thick glass would be weaker than those made of 3/8″ thick glass, because 1/4″ is less than 3/8″.

This consideration may be irrelevant for some aquarium owners; however, it can prevent severe injury and damage when working with stronger glasses.


The good news is that even the high-priced items you are going to purchase are still large savings over purchasing them at retail. The bad news is that many of the items you will be buying will be from a Chinese manufacturer, and the quality of products made in China can vary widely. It may take time for you to find suppliers who have affordable prices and good quality products.

When sourcing your materials, be sure that it is not cheap plywood or particleboard. It needs to hold up over time and be able to handle humidity well without breaking apart on you.


The cabinet will require occasional cleaning, however, this is an easy process. Simply wipe away any excess water that may have accumulated on the surface with a non-abrasive cloth. The doors of the cabinet are easy to open and close, allowing you convenient access to your fish inside. Maintenance will greatly depend on the size of your aquarium, but all in all, owning this unit is an easy process. Assembling the cabinet takes less than one hour and only requires a single screwdriver for assembly.

Available in Black and Espresso (See Below)

The aquarium cabinet is available in both black and espresso, with each option providing a beautiful platform that will make your tank look as good as the fish in it. The cabinet is 20 inches high, which makes it easy to reach into your tank but also tall enough to make sure you have plenty of room for equipment underneath. The doors on the cabinet are made of 3/8” thick tempered glass to give you a clear view at all times while also keeping everything secure. There’s even a cut-out hole at the top rear of the cabinet to make it easy for you to run cords from lights and other accessories out of sight.

The base acts as both a stand for your aquarium and secure housing for all of your equipment, meaning you won’t have any unsightly cords or filters ruining the aesthetic.

Locking Doors for Security

The locking doors are great for security if you have young children who will be around the aquarium. These doors are not childproof, but they do add an extra layer of security that can help reduce the possibility of your child getting into the tank. The locking doors also provide an extra level of security to prevent a burglar from making off with your expensive equipment investment.

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